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Washington State forward Trinity Rodman, daughter of Bulls legend Dennis Rodman, has registered for Wednesday’s NWSL Draft. She is one of 50 prospects to do so. It’s the culmination of a stellar youth career for Rodman, who has made waves on every level she has played. She entered Washington State the No. 1 recruit in the nation in 2020, and notably led Team USA to a CONCAF Women’s Under-20 championship last March, notching two goals in the title game.
Stewart hauled in 15 rebounds in his first two games with the Pistons with a handful more coming Friday in a win over the Boston Celtics. Of his 20 total rebounds to this point, 12 have come on the offensive end of the floor with his activity and positioning reminding head coach Dwane Casey of a former Pistons legend and Hall of Famer. “He is a young Dennis Rodman type,” Casey said this week. “I’m not going to call him Dennis Rodman but that type of mentality of going and getting the ball. He is active. He doesn’t stop just because you box him out. He continues to move and move his feet in a legal way. A lot of times, young players will grab and hold, he does it with his feet and his intensity. It’s great to see, that’s who he is.”
Almost every player on the Chicago Bulls championship squad has a Rodman story, and Toni Kukoč is no different. “They’ve been teammates for three seasons with the Bulls, and in one of his older interviews, Kukoc talked about partying with Rodman during that time and how he wasn’t prepared for everything he had in store for them that night. It’s a special type of story, and I couldn’t keep up with him. I partied only once with him because, after that, you need a 7 to 10 days recovery period afterward.” Toni Kukoc, via Svlacionica.