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Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
Position: G
Born: 11/25/97
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Salary: $3,819,960
Doncic is chomping at the bit in anticipation of playing alongside second-year point guard Dennis Smith Jr. The two got some shots up together on Sunday – Doncic was at the Mavs’ practice facilities for just an hour – after Doncic flew to Dallas from Europe, and their relationship appears on the verge of blossoming. “He’s a great guy, he’s a great player,” said Doncic, who hopes to be able to practice on Wednesday. “I’m really looking forward to playing with him.” A natural ballhandler, Doncic can envision a scenario where he and Smith flip-flops between playing off the ball and running the offense with no problems. “I think we’re going to share the ball good,” Doncic said, “and I think we’re going to play really good together.”
The Mavs certainly believe in Matthews as a role-model leader, and of benefit to youngsters Dennis Smith Jr. and Luka Doncic in that way. They also believe that his versatility as a wing-type player is something they need more than additional bigs (with Jordan coming in and Dirk Nowitzki coming back, along with Harrison Barnes and Dwight Powell, to occupy most of the front-court minutes.)
Dennis Smith Jr. knows what it feels to be a rookie in the NBA, and from Day 1 he wants Luka Doncic to understand how rookies in the NBA are treated. The Dallas Mavericks point-guard has something waiting for Luka Doncic in Dallas, Texas. A ‘Hello Kitty’ backpack that as Smith says, Doncic will wear in every single game and tour.