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Derrick Favors
Derrick Favors
Position: F
Born: 07/15/91
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:246 lbs. / 111.6 kg.
Salary: $12,000,000
But the moment that struck Crowder the most on Monday night wasn’t a play he made. It was a gesture by Gobert: With the fourth quarter ticking away, Gobert was readying to check in for the final few minutes, but saw Derrick Favors was playing well at center. When Snyder asked him what he wished to do, Gobert sat back down, opting to let Favors play on. The unselfishness of that act spoke volumes to Crowder about his new club. After the game, he gushed about it. “For a guy like Rudy to see D-Fav go in there and tell D-Fav to go rock out, that’s great to see and be a part of and be a teammate of,” Crowder said. “That shows what this team is really about.”
The longest tenured Jazzman can articulate a player’s perspective to average civilians with the best of them, but if you really want a more voluble side of the Georgia boy, just bring up comic books or anything anime-related. “I’m a big comic book guy so I like all that stuff,” Favors said, smiling. “I could talk about it all day with somebody.” Comic geeks such as Favors have certainly had a reason to chatter lately as everyone is pumped for the theatrical release of Marvel Comics’ Black Panther this Friday.
Favors still values his vintage comic collection and could be adding a Black Panther comic to his cherished possessions really soon. The really good ones are still in the plastic bags, just like his uncle taught him. “I’ll read Batman all day, but I seen Black Panther make a cameo in other comics so it’ll be good to check the movie out, see what the movie’s about then I’ll probably get onto that probably later in the summer and start reading comic books about it,” Favors said.