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Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones
Position: F
Born: 02/15/97
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $1,645,357
As part of a sign-and-trade agreement with the 76ers involving Jimmy Butler, the Heat — according to multiple reports the night of June 30 — agreed to send Dragic to the Mavericks. Just hours later, reports surfaced that Dallas believed it was getting Kelly Olynyk and Derrick Jones Jr. in the deal and not Dragic. That miscommunication led to the Mavericks removing themselves from the trade and Dragic remaining with the Heat.

Heat keeping Derrick Jones

The Heat had roster decisions to make this week. The first was made Monday when the Heat waived forward Yante Maten, whose guarantee was set to increase from $100,000 to $150,000 for next season if he was not released by Thursday. The other decisions came Thursday, when the Heat decided — as expected — to not waive forward Derrick Jones Jr. and guard Kendrick Nunn before their guarantee deadlines, according to a league source.
Since Jones and Nunn were kept on the Heat’s roster past Thursday’s guarantee date, Jones’ full $1.6 million salary for next season became guaranteed and Nunn’s $50,000 guarantee increased to $150,000 for next season. Nunn’s guarantee jumps to $450,000 if he’s on the Heat’s opening-night roster, and his full $1.4 million 2019-20 salary becomes guaranteed if he’s still on the roster in January.
All season long, Galloway’s sneakers have produced conversations at the free-throw line. And Saturday’s victory over the Heat, with time for his kicks to be more intently examined, was no different. “Derrick Jones looked down and was like, ‘Bro, those are tough. You have some heat on,’” Galloway said. “I was like, ‘Yeah, I got to do it.’ He was telling me he liked the shoes. It’s always cool when people acknowledge your shoes. “Eventually, that’ll become a thing because of the NBA’s lifted rules. Guys will be talking about shoes more during free throws.”
In moving back to .500 at 18-18, Miami has now beaten the lottery-bound Cavs (8-30) twice in the past week, after wins against Phoenix and Orlando in recent weeks. Beating lottery teams could never be assumed with this Heat team, but Miami is making progress there. Josh Richardson scored 24 points and Miami got helpful contributions from Derrick Jones Jr. (13 points, seven rebounds), Tyler Johnson (16 points), James Johnson (11 points), Kelly Olynyk (10 points) and Rodney McGruder (10 points). Hassan Whiteside added eight points and 12 rebounds, and Justise Winslow chipped in 10 points and seven assists.
Derrick Jones Jr. signed a standard NBA contract with Miami on Sunday after playing on a two-way deal with the organization last season. The contract agreed upon is for two years with a starting salary of about $1.5 million for this upcoming season, according to a source. The first year of the contract is guaranteed and the second year is not. “My main goal wasn’t to get back on a two-way contract,” Jones said after practice in Sacramento in preparation for summer-league play. “I was doing my best to get signed to a regular NBA contract because that’s what I started at. I didn’t want to be on a two-way. It’s stepping stones you have to go through in your life. You have to battle through adversity. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been battling through adversity. It never brought me down. It was just a surreal moment for me last night when I signed that contract.”
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“Since I put the Heat jersey on I knew I wanted to be a Heat Lifer,” Derick Jones Jr. said. “It’s just the culture. I came in and they embraced me with open arms like I was their long lost little brother. Ever since then I’ve been grateful for my teammates, grateful for the coaching staff, the whole organization. It’s been great ever since I’ve been here just having the whole organization behind you and knowing that people believe in you. It brings your confidence to whole other level. I feel I’m playing my best right now.”
“When he’s been with us, he’s been committed to working on his body in the weight room, working on his conditioning, working on his player development and really committing to the defensive points. I think he has to break into this program as a defensive minded player. That’s really where his potential is. But we will hammer and drill all the other stuff offensively, just also to throw a carrot to guys. It’s been very intentional that we try to get him on the best wing opponent every night and really embrace that challenge regardless of how many minutes he plays and what his offensive responsibility is. He has to guard, he has to be able to impact on that side of the floor. And that got better. It still has a long ways to go, but he’s starting to understand where he can breakthrough.”
Here’s what a veteran NBA scout told me today about new Heat addition Derrick Jones Jr., who finished runner-up in last year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest and has played in 28 games for Phoenix over the past two years: “If he couldn’t jump [as well as he does], would he be in the league? No. That alluring physical ability, you hope some of the other stuff will develop. It’s a worthwhile shot [for Miami to take on a two-way contract]. He’s got to become more skilled and his body isn’t great. He’s skinny. Has the ability to defend. He is a wing player and if you’re not a good shooter, you’re behind the eight balls. His handle isn’t very good.”