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Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose
Position: G
Born: 10/04/88
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $7,317,074
“It’s hard growing up in Chicago. It’s hard trying to fight these boundaries and you have to fight through so many elements to find out what you are,” Rose said in the video. He added that he never personally experienced police brutality growing up in Englewood, but that stories of injustice “haunted” his neighborhood. “Everybody is different, that’s how I look at it,” he said. “Just trying to be open so that I’m never blocked off or being judgemental to someone I don’t understand. Knowing yourself or getting knowledge of yourself, that’s like an ongoing thing. Every day I’m working on myself.”

Derrick Rose an option for Lakers?

Now, with the Lakers in a much different position, coming off a championship and measuring what it will take to remain a contender as other teams around the league improve, Rose is again a focal point. And with some pressure to act, both the Lakers and the Pistons might be pushed into finding common ground on a trade. “I think both sides were reluctant when they went into in January, February,” one general manager told “I don’t think the Lakers wanted to make a major move because they thought they could do something on the buyout market. And I don’t think the Pistons wanted to make a major move because Derrick was happy there. You know, the Lakers wanted to be involved in case the Clippers got involved or someone else, the Bucks or the Nuggets, whoever. So there was interest but not too serious. Now, everything has shifted a little. Now, they’re both in a position to where a deal is much more likely now.”
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Derrick Rose: Please don’t idolize me. I’m not your typical hooper/celeb or whatever you want to call it. Find out who you are, master something and find a way to express whatever you’ve mastered. It’s all about your perception. Once you do that I SWEAR it’s easier to see this game everyone is playing. Don’t be apart of the magic show. Look away! Spurious love please pls stay away!!!! Thanks for all the Gday wishes. Stay blessed King & Queens.