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Devin Harris
Devin Harris
Position: -
Born: 02/27/83
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Earnings: $76,066,493 ($87,643,599*)
“In Madison Square Garden I don’t think there is anything I would love more than that,” Smith said of the thought of playing against his former team. “To be honest, I really don’t think there is anything I would love more than that. I’m still good friends with everybody on that team, like I just did (Dorian Finney-Smith’s) camp, Luka calls me every other week, I just did the baseball game with (Devin Harris) and Dirk, you know all the older guys, I’m still friends with everybody on that team. But, you know I love to compete, so any chance I get to bust that ass, you know I’m good for it.”
In those intimate scrimmages Nowitzki was referring to, veteran guard Devin Harris has noticed how the 20-year old Smith and the 19-year old Doncic are already feeding off each other and looking like a well-oiled machine. “I think they’re starting to get a feel for each other right now,” Harris said. “Obviously Luka is a talent, and he does a lot of things well. “I know Dennis will be playing a little bit off the ball a little bit more, so he’s trying to get used to that and we’re trying to help him with that transition. But I think he’s more athletic than he was last year, so with those two together it’ll be fun to watch.”
Bobby Marks: Here are the remaining key free agents available: Marcus Smart (R), Shabazz Napier, Yogi Ferrell (R), Devin Harris, Shane Larkin, Jamal Crawford, David Nwaba, Dwyane Wade, Nick Young, Patrick McCaw (R), Rodney Hood (R), Michael Beasley, Jabari Parker……
Harris, in his 24th appearance with the Nuggets, provided the right spark at the right time in Denver’s 100-96 win against Minnesota. On a night when Paul Millsap and Nikola Jokic combined to shoot 28 percent from the floor, Harris scored a season-high 20 points — including shooting 5-of-9 from behind the arc. None were bigger than his trio to end the third quarter that flipped momentum. “I saw a former (2009) All-Star playing with confidence and the swag he had back then,” Nuggets guard Jamal Murray said. “He was just hooping. Guys were getting open and he was making the most of his opportunities.”
Awkward moments happen, and when news broke about Devin Harris being traded to the Denver Nuggets, the Mavericks’ shootaround was just coming to a conclusion. And it was clearly a weird situation. “Sometimes you just got to see the writing on the wall,” Harris said after the morning walk-through. “We were playing our young guys a little bit more trying to bring those guys along. I’m a wily veteran now and sometimes, you just crunch the numbers.”
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“He’s loyal to a point where, like, myself and J.J., we’re not really looking to go elsewhere,” Harris said. “We came back here for a reason. And we showed loyalty by sometimes taking less than other places to come back to a place where we wanted to go. It’s greatly appreciated because – obviously, we want to win – but we came here because we want to be part of this family. And he reciprocates that with his loyalty.”
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Chris Haynes: Rookie Jordan Bell to ESPN on the two mini altercations last night with Salah Mejri and Devin Harris in Dallas. Asked if he felt targeted from when he threw the ball off the glass and dunked it with the game already decided on Oct. 23.

While the name Lone Ranger Heroes may not be a direct interpretation of the Mavericks’ name, players said the new name is definitely an improvement. “It’s better than the other one,” guard J.J. Barea said. “That’s awful. Little cows?” “Obviously, I’d rather be a lone ranger than be a cow,” added guard Devin Harris. “I come from Wisconsin. We don’t really treat cows that well, so much better.”
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As for the funeral, the whole Mavericks front office attended the services, according to Livingston. The team’s owner Mark Cuban was especially supportive of Harris, opting to spend the entire day with his point guard at the hospital on the day of his brother’s death. For Livingston’s part, the veteran guard tried to use his presence to support his friend, rather than words. “We were trying to be there for support,” Livingston said. “Nothing’s going to bring his brother back, it’s not really a situation where you just walk up and say ‘you good?’, no, you’re not good. So just try to be there for support and let them know that you’re there for them and try to give him that space.”
Even as the Warriors fret about a start that does not match their championship standard, they are fully aware that life involves more than just basketball. Here’s the latest of many examples: the Warriors granted permission to reserve guard Shaun Livingston to miss Friday’s game against the Washington Wizards at the Oracle so he can attend the funeral of Mavericks guard Devin Harris’ brother. Harris’ brother was killed in a car accident last week. The Warriors had offered support for the Harris family earlier this week. Livingston, who is close friends with Harris, arranged for teammate Stephen Curry to speak with Harris’ nephew, Brayden, before Monday’s win in Dallas as well as sign autographs for him. Livingston plans to return to the Bay Area this weekend, and is expected to be available for Sunday’s game against Detroit at the Oracle.
Harris and his nephew, 9-year-old Brayden, spent some time visiting Harris’ teammates and getting a couple of autographed items from Golden State’s Steph Curry. It was the first time Harris has been at the arena since his brother, Bruce Harris, died on Thursday from injuries suffered in a car wreck. “I lost my brother tragically and it’s been a tough week,” Harris said to several media members in the Mavericks’ locker room with his nephew at his side. “The family is taking it pretty hard, as you would expect them to. Probably the toughest thing I’ve had to deal with, dealing with myself, trying to explain it to his kids, my kids – it’s just been tough.”
Dallas Mavericks guard Devin Harris was granted a leave of absence after his brother, Bruce, died in a car crash on Thursday in Dallas. Despite not playing, Harris was at the arena for the Mavericks’ game against the Warriors on Monday, and his nephew, Brayden, was there too. It led to an incredible show of class from Steph Curry. A pregame video captured a heartwarming scene in the tunnel as Curry comforted Brayden just days after his father’s death. Harris was standing alongside Brayden as Curry offered his condolences.

The brother of Dallas Mavericks guard Devin Harris was fatally injured in an early morning crash on a Dallas expressway. A Dallas police statement says 38-year-old Bruce Harris died Thursday afternoon of injuries from the 1:40 a.m. Thursday crash on U.S. 75 just north of Loop 12 in North Dallas. Officer Tamika Dameron, a police spokeswoman, said Harris and another man were in a disabled vehicle when it was slammed from behind and set on fire by a car with two 23-year-old men.
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Bruce Harris, the older brother of Dallas Mavericks guard Devin Harris, died Thursday, the Dallas County medical examiner’s office confirmed. The 38-year-old was pronounced dead at about 12:32 p.m. at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. According to a Dallas Morning News report, Bruce Harris died from injuries suffered in a car crash early Thursday morning on Central Expressway. Devin Harris, who is starting his 16th NBA season and ninth season with the Mavericks, played in the team’s season-opener Wednesday night, but was excused from Thursday’s practice, according to the Morning News.
“There’s a lot of space in the NBA,” Smith told “And watching people like Devin and JJ, I can learn exactly how to use that to my advantage. They were just giving me little pointers and things I can do better, or things that they’ve seen somebody else do… They were just trying to keep me getting better. I think it’s great. The best teacher is experience, and they’ve been through all of it. They’re not going to do anything but give me the best advice, and I hope that I can be a good vet like those guys are.”
With his future in Dallas clouded with uncertainties, Devin Harris realizes he might have played his last game with the Mavericks. But the veteran guard doesn’t want to listen to his gut to get any signs on whether or not he’ll have to pack his bags and play elsewhere next season. “I tend to not follow my gut, because once you think one thing. . .it’s been pretty spot-on,” Harris said. “Obviously, the first time I left here (in 2008) was very hard.”
Devin Harris said the Mavericks have not given him any indication of whether the team will pick up the $4.4 million option on his contract for next season. “Ball’s in their court but they haven’t given any indication,” the guard said during the team’s exit interviews Thursday. “I just let the chips fall where they may and try to make the best decision possible with the information that I have.”
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