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Dexter Pittman
Dexter Pittman
Position: -
Born: 03/02/88
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:285 lbs. / 129.3 kg.
Earnings: $2,197,964 ($2,509,467*)
Patrick Beverley: I think about Miami a lot. I had it made. This was the first year of the Big Three and the 15-man roster was set. Dexter Pittman and I were the rookies. The only question was whether I’d be the second point guard or the third. I remember it so clearly. End of the preseason, LeBron is cooking in practice one day, and Coach Spo yells: “Somebody needs to step up and guard him!” Mike Miller walks out. “I got him, Coach.” LeBron makes a post move and Mike Miller breaks his thumb. I start thinking: “They’re not going to cut Mike Miller…They’re going to try to replace Mike Miller…And they’re going to want a shooter”. That was Jerry Stackhouse. I was the low man. If Mike Miller doesn’t get hurt, I’ve got two championships and probably three, because no offense to Jason Terry I’d have locked his a—up and we’d have beaten Dallas too.