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One of Kukoc’s most esteemed teammate in some of these championship runs was Dino Radja. After being himself inducted into the Hall of Fame in, 2018 Radja was now delighted to see his friend and former teammate receiving the honor as well. “The ultimate recognition of his genius. Well deserved. So happy for him,” Radja told Eurohoops in a statement. Following the announcement of his own Hall of Fame induction, Radja had said that Kukoc “belongs there [the Hall of Fame].” This wait is finally over.
Dino Radja and Dee Brown, together again at last. The wheels for their reunion kicked into gear about a year ago, when Radja, a walking bucket with the Celtics from 1993-1997, finally joined Instagram. At 53 years old, the Naismith Hall of Famer is not IG’s target demo. “I don’t like this new social media technology,” says Radja, from his home in Zagreb, Croatia. “It makes us all more stupid. But it reconnected me with Dee, and I’m so happy for that.”
Brown spent eight years in Boston, three as a captain. He’s still sixth all-time in steals, one of two Celtics to win a dunk contest and two Browns to wear the No. 7. He’d never met a player like Dino – “He was one of my better friends when I was playing.” – so he was happy to get the message. Still, he never imagined he’d end up at a hotel in Zagreb, waiting for a ride to his old friend Dino Radja’s house. He certainly never imagined that old friend, all 6-feet-10-inches of him, would arrive in a Smart car. “He picked me up and I was like, ‘Dino, what are you doing driving around in a two-seater? This is so European.’ He was still the same guy. So humble.”
Dino Radja shared his takes on various topics stretching from the NBA to his 2018 induction in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame talking to the Croatian news website Plenty of strong opinions presented by the retired player, former member of the Boston Celtics. “When the comparisons between LeBron and Jordan start, I vomit,” he argued, “My son assures me that LeBron is better but for me, it’s not a discussion. If he had played twenty years ago, LeBron wouldn’t have been able to do even half of this. Today, when LeBron enters the paint, everyone moves away from him, but Jordan was getting beaten like no one and he still dominated. In front of LeBron were Kobe Bryant and some others. I respect LeBron but Kobe was better.”