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Domantas Sabonis
Domantas Sabonis
Position: F-C
Born: 05/03/96
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:231 lbs. / 104.8 kg.
Salary: $3,529,554
Whereas the last several years saw the Hyperdunk silhouette top our list, this year the Hyperdunk is no more, replaced in Nike’s catalogue by the much less popular Nike Zoom Rize and Nike AlphaDunk. Taking the crown at #1 is the Nike Kobe 4 Protro, an updated version of the extremely popular Kobe 4, first released in 2008. The shoe is worn by everyone from scoring guards like Norman Powell and Devin Booker to bigs like Anthony Davis and Domantas Sabonis.
Reggie Miller was asked about Victor Oladipo’s return to the lineup and what that meant for the Pacers. Miller shared what he said heard from Pacers coach Nate McMillan before the matchup. “This lineup for the Pacers is the future,” Miller said. The lineup Miller referred to consists of Oladipo, Malcolm Brogdon, T.J. Warren, Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner.
JD Shaw: Here are the 2020 All-Star Skills Challenge Participants: Bam Adebayo, Patrick Beverley, Spencer Dinwiddie, Khris Middleton, Derrick Rose, Domantas Sabonis, Pascal Siakam, Jayson Tatum.
Indiana Pacers forward T.J. Warren left Saturday’s game against the New York Knicks in the third quarter due to a head injury and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, according to coach Nate McMillan. Warren left after falling under the basket where it appeared he hit his head on the floor. A few possessions prior, Warren appeared to collide with teammate Domantas Sabonis and was shaken up, remaining down for nearly an entire possession before staying in the game.
Storyline: TJ Warren Injury
When George requested a trade from the Pacers in 2017, Simon told Pritchard that he didn’t want a return built around future draft picks. He wanted to watch Indiana compete. “Can you get me a team we can be proud of?” Simon asked. With that request, he changed the parameters of what the front office would look for in return. Many around the league were baffled when the Pacers settled on a package from the Thunder of Oladipo and Sabonis. The public response was even less forgiving.
“Here’s what happened: When Victor was in [OKC’s offer] and they said, ‘Okay fine, we’ll put Sabonis in too,’ in my mind, the deal was done,” Pritchard said. “When I heard Domantas’ name along with Victor’s name, I felt like that was enough. You can be really, really greedy in this business. But I felt like Sam [Presti] made a really honest, good offer and it was what I wanted to hear. I felt good about it.”
Sabonis is second in screen assist points but also contributes to double-digit points with his passing, so he ranks no. 1 even as LeBron holds a healthy lead for the actually recognized assists crown. The Pacers big man won’t enter the MVP discussion, and nor should he, given the absurd talent and statistics of the top quartet. But he’s the fulcrum the Indiana offense rests on, and he adds value in a comprehensive way beyond the basic box score. One wonders whether he’ll maintain this level of productivity once Victor Oladipo returns from injury.
Last week, I passed along how the Pacers were informed that Domantas Sabonis could not hurt his left knee anymore but would have to play through pain in the meantime. Many were upset with that strategy and wanted to see Sabonis take it easy. We’ve seen other guys play through injuries, and it often leads to something else, sometimes something worse. So I went to Sabonis to get the full story. Many players hate discussing injuries; they’d rather talk about almost anything else. Sabonis, though, opened up and shared what he had learned.
Storyline: Domantas Sabonis Injury
“I’ve been told it’s a bone bruise, so there’s swelling in the bone that all doctors say it can’t get worse unless you get hit in that same spot,” he said. Sabonis was evaluated by the team doctor, and then his representatives also had him checked out by two additional specialists, which is normal. And all three doctors were in agreement: It’s simply a bone bruise and he’s not subject to additional risk by continuing to play on it.
“It’s the same thing if I get hit in my healthy knee,” Sabonis said, pointing to his right knee. “There’s the same chance. It’s not a muscle or anything, so by doing more stuff, you can’t technically get it worse.” Sabonis tried the rest thing. He strategically didn’t do much on it for three days. He didn’t practice before their game in Chicago on Jan. 10 and didn’t play in the game, and the team had the following day off. “Not even ice helps it,” he said. “You can’t really put anything on it. It just has to heal.”
Justin Kubatko: Hassan Whiteside led the NBA with 211 rebounds in December 2019: 1️⃣ 211 – Whiteside 2️⃣ 204 – Rudy Gobert 2️⃣ 204 – Domantas Sabonis 4️⃣ 183 – Andre Drummond Whiteside’s total is the highest by a @Portland Trail Blazers player in a calendar month since Bill Walton in December 1976.