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Donovan Mitchell
Donovan Mitchell
Position: G
Born: 09/07/96
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:200 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Salary: $3,111,480
That’s true not only because of the delayed return caused by Hayward’s injury, but because of the successes both teams had last season without him. The blossoming of Donovan Mitchell in Utah and Tatum in Boston meant both franchises, somehow, managed to thrive without the player whose departure from one and arrival with the other was expected to have such a decisive impact. “It’s just circumstances that happened,” Hayward said. “With me dealing with everything I had to deal with, and they’ve had a year to move on … they had a great year last year. “I’ve got nothing but respect for the people who are on the Jazz, and what they did for me. But it’s not something that I’ve been thinking about.”
1 week ago via ESPN
Mitchell changes everything and nothing. He gives the Jazz the hope of a big, bold future. They give him a stable and sure professional platform. “Frankly, we won’t hide from any culpability,” Lindsey told ESPN. “We dissected it ad nauseam. We did a lot of introspection. And what we are learning is that it’s just best to continue with what the Millers [Jazz ownership] believe in: having our best investments be in ourselves. “They’ve got a legacy trust where every dime goes back into the team. They take no profit. We’ve done an arena renovation. There’s the uniqueness to our new practice facility, where we really let Quin grab a piece of it to fit him and fit us. “So when you’re competing, and something doesn’t go your way, you want to take a look at it. And we did. Could I have done a better job handling the [Hayward] extension? Was there a hangover effect to that? Would he have left anyway? You ask yourself all those questions.”
1 week ago via ESPN
Mitchell wasn’t around during the Hayward era, so there’s no hard feelings on his end and he isn’t entering this Jazz-Celtics contest with any preconceptions other than competitive basketball. “I don’t know what to expect to be honest,” Mitchell said of Hayward’s return. “Obviously, he did so much for this organization, for this state. He’s a great player. “I think there was a rivalry between Boston before that anyway and I kind of felt that so this just adds to it but we’re going to go out there and treat it the same way,” Mitchell continued. “We’re not going to go out there and do something crazy. We’re going to stay with what we’ve been doing, build off tonight’s win and be locked in and focused.”