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Donovan Mitchell
Donovan Mitchell
Position: G
Born: 09/07/96
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:200 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Salary: $3,111,480
After Thursday night’s game, Mitchell had one more surprise. When Brooks met Mitchell on the court for a post-game conversation, the Jazz guard presented her with a $25,000 check to help cover her tuition. The gift was a joint donation from Mitchell’s SPIDACARES foundation, Adidas and Foot Locker.

You’re really charismatic and a lot of players consider you a good friend. Because you have so many relationships with players around the league, do you think you could be a good free-agent recruiter for Utah in the years to come? Donovan Mitchell: For sure, I definitely think I can. It’s not just a single person , it’s the fact that I know a lot of guys throughout the league. I think that will definitely help . I think we’re in a position where we can bring guys in. I think guys want to play with us. We have a lot of chemistry with this team, and it’s easy for everyone to see that. We’re not a typical NBA team when it comes to our chemistry. I think that’s something that will stand out to players. They’ll see it. You can see it from the outside; everybody sees it. I think people will want to play on a team like this because of the freedom and the joy and the fun we’re having.
Can you walk me through what those struggles were like earlier in the season? And did going through that ultimately make you a better player? Donovan Mitchell: What really took me by surprise was how much attention I was being paid on opposing teams’ scouting reports. It’s one thing to hear to it. Everyone says, “It’s going to be different! It’s going to be different!” But it’s one thing to hear it, it’s another thing to go through it. I think it’s just one of those things that you have to go through. For me, I hold myself to such a high standard so I was pretty upset; I was upset with my first three months of the season. There were times where I looked back and thought, “Man, I’ve never really been in this position.”
Donovan Mitchell: I had always been the underdog, whether it was in high school or college or during my rookie year. I was always the one who nobody knows about. To come into this year and be the person who everybody is looking to attack, the person who everyone knows, it was a completely different feeling for me. It was a completely different place for me to be in. It’s something that I had to familiarize myself with and I had to do so quickly, otherwise we – the team and myself – wouldn’t be able to accomplish the things that we wanted to accomplish. I remember on New Year’s Eve, I sent out a corny tweet saying, “New year, new me.” It was kind of half-joking, but I really did need a new beginning. I needed a restart – a refresh – and I needed to just let the game come to me. That’s when I started taking a different approach to the games. My teammates were amazing.
I have to ask this because I know fans are curious: Will you compete in the dunk contest again? I know you didn’t enter it this year because you didn’t want to be tired for the second half of the season as you fight for playoff positioning. But will we ever see you in the dunk contest again? Donovan Mitchell: Yes. For sure. I don’t know if it’s going to be next year, I don’t know if it’s going to be the year after that, but I am going to do it again.
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