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Draymond Green
Draymond Green
Position: F
Born: 03/04/90
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:229 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $17,469,565
The Warriors’ contingent all piled into a minibus together — the two Lacobs, Myers, Kerr, Curry, Green, Iguodala and Thompson. Did they want Durant and his representatives to see them all arriving as a single unit? Absolutely. Durant: I knew all four (Warriors players) were coming. But you never know, a guy might get in some traveling troubles, airplane troubles, something might’ve come up. So I knew they were coming, but I wasn’t expecting it. … I was just like, whatever happens, I want to talk to at least a couple guys and to Bob and Steve. But when they all showed up, it was pretty cool. It was pretty cool from a basketball standpoint that they respected my game.
Durant: So when they all came, and they all put stuff to the side to come to the meeting, I was like, man, this is amazing. Best team in the league, some of the best players, most accomplished players want me on their team and want what I do, what I bring to the table. It was pretty cool, you know what I’m saying? Because I’m looking at this whole basketball thing from a kid’s perspective. I’m still excited, I’m still learning. So to have that much love in the room for how I play basketball, that’s cool. They’ll get to know me as a person, I was confident with that. But the basketball side, I was, like, man it’s pretty damn cool that people enjoy the way I play and want me to play with them.
But it makes one wonder what he was standing for when he visited another president last week: President Reuven Rivlin of Israel. In a trip organized by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Green presented Rivlin with a Warriors jersey. As Rivlin said, “It’s not every day I meet an All-Star.” Green also visited the “Border Police’s counterterrorism unit” and shot some baskets with the unit on a court donated by the Michigan chapter of Friends of the IDF. Then Draymond Green posed as if he were a sniper, smiling for the camera, lying prone, flat on his stomach, holding a rifle. There is also footage of Green taking target practice with the police. This, just like a White House visit would have been, was a propaganda visit, immediately tweeted out by Micky Rosenfeld, the Israeli Police Foreign Press Spokesman.
I asked Yousef Munayyer, the executive director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a coalition of 330+ groups that “works for a US policy toward Palestine/Israel based on freedom, justice, and equality,” for his analysis of the visit. He said, “Draymond Green is the latest celebrity to be posterized by Israeli apartheid. It was a sad sight to see him collaborating with an effort aimed at normalizing Palestinian human-rights denial and selling it to his fans around the world. With great celebrity comes great responsibility, and unfortunately Draymond allowed his celebrity to be used in ways unbecoming of a champion of freedom, justice, and equality. I hope that he may reflect on this and that his peers in the sports world will learn from this and avoid at all costs any offers to normalize Israel’s abuse of Palestinians. The Israeli state has made the cooptation of American sports heroes into a key part of their strategy to appeal to demographics alienated by their human-rights abuses. The least our sports heroes can do is listen to the Palestinians asking them not to play along.”