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Dwight Powell
Dwight Powell
Position: F-C
Born: 07/20/91
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:234 lbs. / 106.1 kg.
Salary: $10,259,375
Since the Mavericks’ season ended in late August, their spotlight for discussing and protesting racial injustice has dimmed. But the Mavericks’ nuanced pushes for progress have only gained momentum. In the last several weeks, the Mavericks have worked with Dallas leaders to update policies that experts say can significantly decrease instances of police brutality. As the NBA’s offseason remains uncertain in length and structure, one aspect is clear: The Mavericks’ activism has been a spark the team won’t soon let dull.
During video calls with MAPB co-founder Collette Flanagan, some during the team’s first run to the playoffs since 2016, the four Mavericks deepened their understanding of the legislative reform process. By the time they returned to Dallas in early September, there were three more of the policies in place: A ban on chokeholds and strangleholds. A duty for officers to intervene in situations where other officers use excessive force. And a requirement to warn suspects before shooting.
With regularity during the NBA’s hiatus, the Dallas Mavericks’ Powell hopped on a call with Silver and fellow players — Oklahoma City’s Chris Paul and Toronto’s Kyle Lowry. The small working group – a cross-section of different levels of player status – had open and honest discussions about what was at stake and what players needed if the league were to resume the season in a bubble. It was a forum for those players to learn what the league was thinking and discuss health, safety and financial ramifications. “Through the process of talking with those guys on those calls, I really got to see just how many people were involved and how many minds were working in overdrive to find solutions to problems that were really coming up every day,” Powell said. “Every single step of the process had to be thought out, because it’s people’s lives that were at stake at the end of the day.”
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