Ed Davis Rumors

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With the Brooklyn Nets signing Ed Davis and acquiring Kenneth Faried in a trade, and with Sean Marks giving the impression Tuesday that they’re closing in on their final 2018-19 roster, the short-lived Jahlil Okafor era in Brooklyn looks dead. “I won’t comment on Jahlil, because he’s not here right now,” Marks said bluntly. “But again, I will always bet on our coaching staff. Our coaching staff have done a heck of a job, our performance team, in terms of how they develop guys.” Marks then noted the need for a “floor spacer,” which Okafor is not. Hours later, of course, the Nets signed Treveon Graham, who is a floor space and despite his size, can play the 4.
Napier said Crabbe’s role was critical. “Yeah, I talk to Allen Crabbe a lot, Ed Davis as well,” Napier said of his former Blazer teammates, who will all represent Brooklyn this coming season. “Those are my guys from Portland. I was in California at the time. Me and Allen exchange texts all the time. It was just a text message here and there, a call here and there before I made my decision to understand the type of environment Brooklyn is and the facility and everything. All I heard was great things about it. It was easy for me to choose after that.”