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The incident, inexplicable to many, has caused those close to him to search for answers. Toney-El and others have heard a story, a theory, that Griffin was planning to escort a woman to Dallas. Allegedly, the woman’s brothers were cops who did not like Griffin. “That’s all I’m saying,” Toney-El said. “Nobody ever looked into it, went after it. But I’m just not taking it on the chin that my man tried to beat the arm coming down to stop cars from crossing the train track.”
An autopsy determined Griffin’s blood-alcohol level was 0.26, more than three times Texas’s legal driving limit. “I’ll always wonder, just because the logical side of me says, I don’t know how you would hit the side of a moving train by accident,” Hollingsworth said. “Obviously, you could intuitively say that if you were really, really intoxicated — but still, it’s a train. There’s got to be a crossbar, lights flashing, it’s a train. It’s a big, loud machine.”
That week, Griffin had requested to move up the start of his workouts with Murphy from 9 a.m. to 8:30. Murphy called him that morning to remind him. “He said, ‘Murph, I’m on my way,’” Murphy told the Associated Press. “But he didn’t show up.” Griffin had been with his brother Jacques earlier that night. “That whole weekend, Jessica [Jimenez] was calling me,” Jacques Griffin said. “And Eddie wasn’t picking his phone up. I was just thinking, Hey, that’s something Eddie usually does. Sometimes he just don’t pick his phone up. I said, Eddie all right. Eddie all right.”
One night at the hotel, Griffin showed up at a wedding he wasn’t invited to — he quickly befriended John Dodds’s wedding party at the bar, signing autographs and offering tickets to a Nets game. When the party broke up, Dodds retreated with his bride to their third-floor room. But Griffin wasn’t done. He showed up at Dodds’s room and repeatedly banged on the door. Dodds opened his door around 5 a.m., according to the Star-Ledger. “He was sticking out his chest, trying to scare us,” Dodds told the newspaper. “It was like he thought he was all-powerful, like he was King Ding-a-ling or something.” Dodds spat in Griffin’s face and called him a racial epithet. Griffin charged him. Other members of the bridal party, hearing the commotion, quickly arrived. Griffin punched Dodds’s brother before they managed to close the door on him. But when the police arrived, they found Griffin calm and cooperative. He masked his fury. The police soon left, chalking the incident up to a post-party dispute.
Eddie Griffin had declined the Rockets’ overtures for counseling in the past, but finally his troubles were catching up with him. On October 25, Romero found Griffin at his home in bed with another woman. According to Romero, Griffin responded by punching her and firing shots at her fleeing car. As he had in the past, he downplayed the seriousness of his transgressions, and vowed to do better. “We just got into an argument,” he told Jones. “Eddie, people don’t get in arguments and destroy a house,” Jones replied. “People don’t get in arguments like that. I mean, what’s going on? What is happening?”
Griffin joined his teammates for a morning walk-through on October 13, 2003, just before the team flew to Sacramento for a preseason game. “That morning I was fine,” Griffin said to “Then it just hit me in the middle of practice. I started thinking about what was going on in my life and it got worse and worse. When they told everybody to meet at the plane, I went home and turned off the phone.” Jacques Griffin called the team’s management, insisting his brother would board a commercial flight to California. Eddie Griffin instead remained on his couch for the next two days. He accepted a two-game suspension, but then no-showed a workout Van Gundy had planned for him. The Rockets suspended Griffin indefinitely. “He said it was like work,” Jacques Griffin said. “You know how basketball is, you just play it for fun. And then once he got to the NBA, it was like a job.”