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Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon
Position: G
Born: 12/25/88
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:215 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $18,218,818

Eric Gordon: 'I've never been a part of a season where we lose 20 in a row'

How have conversations been like this season with head coach Stephen Silas and GM Rafael Stone? You have a unique role as a veteran on a young team during a rebuild. What’s it like talking to both of those guys? Eric Gordon: I have a good relationship with both, but things get frustrating in the type of situation we are in, and it’s really tough. I’ve never been a part of (something like this). I’ve been on losing teams before, but I’ve never been a part of a season where we lose 20 in a row. And the thing is, we have guys here! Like, we got guys that can play! It’s just tough to even think sometimes because whenever you lose something like that, it’s hard to recover from that, you know, in the season. So my relationship with them is fine, but as I said, we’ll have to see what real direction that they want to go this off-season. They could have a lot of new guys, whether they’re younger or older, you just never know. But we’ll figure it out.
Could you go through another year of this? Let’s say something happens next season and the team goes on another long losing streak. Eric Gordon: I hope no team goes through something like this. This is … I mean … when you lose 20 in a row, and it’s hard to win a game, that’s hard. It’s hard on everybody because how can you strategically look at each player and put a team together and see that you guys are really geared to getting better? As I said, anybody could put up numbers — we have guys that can put up numbers. But is it equating to winning? That’s where it boils down.