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Gary Payton
Gary Payton
Position: -
Born: 07/23/68
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Earnings: $104,367,619 ($161,302,927*)
Payton agreed, saying that Grgurich would de-escalate situations and talk him down when he clashed with Karl. “He did the same thing with me, Kenyon, because I used to want to kill George’s a– every other f—— day,” Payton said. “I wanted to beat his head in, you know what I’m saying? But it was Grgurich who [talked me down]. You got to understand, Grgurich came from [coaching] guys like that at UNLV, so he knew how to get with us. He always went and recruited guys like ourselves, coming from neighborhoods [like we grew up in], where he knew we just needed to be let loose. Don’t put all that boundaries on us. Man, let us get loose, let us do what we got to do! And that’s why we all love him to death because he knew what we needed. I get it because some nights on them teams, you’re gonna to want to kill somebody, you’re gonna want to kill somebody.” Grgurich, 78, is currently the Director of Player Development with the Detroit Pistons, and he’s extremely respected around the NBA.
“With you having a son, too, and you going to the games and being very involved in games, you want your son to be just like you,” Payton admitted to Martin after acknowledging that Martin’s son is also trying to find his way as a pro. “But sometimes, you have to step back and say ‘He’s not me.’ This is a different generation and things like that, but as you see this and you get to feel this and then say, ‘He got it a little bit, he been hanging around me,’ man; it makes you feel real good because you know how these kids make you feel sometimes.”
Like Payton II, the younger Martin’s road to this point wasn’t easy. “They get tired of you,” Payton admitted when discussing his son, but being the only point guard in NBA history to win Defensive Player of the Year, Payton couldn’t deny the fact that he took special pride in seeing his son win the G League Defensive Player of the Year Award on March 19. “You think they don’t really be listening to you sometimes because they’re in their era, but as me seeing my son win this recently and [him] understanding that the defense was there and that’s what he watched as a young kid growing up with me, it makes you feel real good,” Payton said.