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Georges Niang
Georges Niang
Position: F
Born: 06/17/93
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:230 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $3,465,000
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Sixers concerned about PJ Tucker, Tobias Harris injuries

Harris left at halftime due to left calf soreness while Tucker left at the end of the third quarter due to back spasms. In their place, the Sixers were able to get production out of guys like Jalen McDaniels and Georges Niang in order to get the job done. With that being said, the Sixers need both Tucker and Harris. They are both so important to anything they want to do in the East. As they now prepare for the Indiana Pacers on Monday, coach Doc Rivers is unsure if he’ll have either guy for that matchup. “I have no idea,” Rivers said when asked if the injuries will cause them to miss the next contest with Indiana. “My guess, if I was a guessing man, yes, just watching them in the locker room, but we have 48 hours. So, you know, these guys are different.”
I wanted to ask you about the art of what you call “talking crazy.” It seems like a lot of NBA players do it but you relish it. When did that start? When you were a kid? Georges Niang: I mean, I always was a talker. So when you kind of realize that you can throw someone off their game by, you know, talking trash, it’s just always been something that I’ve kind of just embraced. I’ve been a talker anyway, so why not put it to good use? But I think at the NBA level, definitely playing alongside Joe Ingles let me have more creative lines. I was drafted by Larry Bird, and he was probably one of the best s— talkers of all time. So I’ve been around a good amount of people who know how to say stuff that isn’t crossing the lines when you’re in basketball terms, but it’s also good enough to throw people off their game.
Storyline: NBA Trash Talk