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Gerald Wallace
Gerald Wallace
Position: -
Born: 07/23/82
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Earnings: $102,825,613 ($120,509,620*)
Adam Morrison: So we used to have an unwritten rule in the league and most teams did it. If your team played each other in basketball or football it’s an automatic $100 bet. Gonzaga played Carolina in the Garden when I was, after my rookie year and we won. So I saw him at the Christmas party and I was ‘hey you owe me a 100 bucks.’ I was just kind of like joking and he’s like ‘oh yea, no problem’, but he pulled out a f—, I mean, this thing had to be like eight to 10 grand out of his, you know his pocket and he’s like ‘here you go.’ And then we are playing. We used to play cards on the plane… before all that crazy stuff in Washington went down. And we’d play booray and then we would play Texas Hold ’em and Mike, he barely flew with us ’cause like I sad, he wasn’t the GM – wasn’t the owner, he was a minority owner then but he flew with us on one of the road trips.
Adam Morrison: And somebody asked him like ‘hey do you want to play cards with us?’ He was like sure but then we were like, alright, you can’t bring like $50,000 and just bet everybody off every hand. We’re gonna cap it like $1,000 bet max. So him and Gerald Wallace were in a hand… There was like a straight draw flush draw on the flop and you can tell Mike was drawn to something. Gerald bet $300 into him and Mike literally goes ‘$300? I’d watch two monkeys f— for $300.’ Everybody was laughing… He was always cool.

Dinwiddie’s not the first player to use a cup as a cloak for food. According to Miami Heat center Kelly Olynyk, Gerald Wallace used to keep Skittles in one. Gerald Green, Olynyk adds, sips coffee “with like 12 creams and sugars” while watching games. Cleveland Cavaliers forward Channing Frye says he’s seen teammates—he won’t name names—eat full meals behind the bench. And even the sport’s biggest stars, who also find themselves watching from the sidelines for nearly 30 minutes in real time every night, grow hungry. During a preseason game this October, cameras discovered LeBron James picking popcorn out of a paper cup.
Do you miss playing? Gerald Wallace: Nah. I enjoy being at ball games, watching my kids play. That is more peaceful for me than playing basketball right now. Your reflections on the Bobcats? Gerald Wallace: We were an expansion team filled with players who you could say no one else in the league wanted. To go from there to where we were (a playoff team), that’s what makes it special.
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