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Gilbert Arenas
Gilbert Arenas
Position: -
Born: 01/06/82
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.6 kg.
Earnings: $163,061,257 ($196,060,193*)
Some players hold grudges after they are traded from one franchise to another. It’s easy to see how trades could be hurtful to a player, especially if they’ve spent multiple years at a franchise, and spent their time and energy fighting to win with that franchise. However, it seems as though Kyle Kuzma holds no ill will towards the Los Angeles Lakers, and his former teammate LeBron James for how things went down. In a recent clip taken from the No Chill podcast with Gilbert Arenas, Kuzma revealed that “it’s all love” between him and the franchise. (3:06) “It’s all love. All love for sure. A couple of days after I got traded, we were hanging out, chilling or whatever.”
NBA Central: Gilbert Arenas says the NBA vetoed the CP3/Lakers deal because LA would’ve had Kobe, Dwight, CP3 and $24M-$30M in cap space “It would have destroyed the league for at least 10 years” (Via No Chill Podcast | h/t @AhnFireDigital )

The Suns had missed the playoffs for a decade straight of seasons, which points to how valuable CP3’s influence has been, both on and off the court. The star point guard recalled his thought process on joining Devin Booker and Co. in Arizona, a move he claimed few saw coming – but actually made way too much sense. Via No Chill with Gilbert Arenas: “Some people just think about going to a team. When I thought about going to Phoenix, people didn’t even know that was in my mind. I knew Monty already. Regardless of our relationship in the past, I know his mindset. I know he prepares. Don’t nobody know, that year I played for Monty [in New Orleans] … we started out 11-1. People don’t know that. “
After making the playoffs for the first time in years, the New York Knicks are a team with revitalized energy and hope. The fanbase, who has watched their team fail for most of their existence, finally have a future they can look forward to. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, not too long ago, Gilbert Arenas made a rather shocking statement about the fans that is still making some noise today: “The whole fan base of the Knicks is stuck back in the 1970s. It shows nobody wants to play for you because you’re the worst fanbase in basketball. If your team would rather play on the road because they’re more comfortable, then that says something about your home experience.”