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Gilbert Arenas
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Born: 01/06/82
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.6 kg.
Earnings: $163,061,257 ($225,350,921*)

Bradley Beal on re-signing with Wizards: 'There were no teams in the market'

Bradley Beal explained why he re-signed with the Washington Wizards during a recent episode of No Chill with Gilbert Arenas. (via No Chill with Gilbert Arenas): “But to have the pieces we have, we have enough to know that we can compete on a nightly basis with no BS. We know that we got a job, everybody’s able to be a star in their role, and we can go do that. On the flip side of it, the business side of it. There were no teams in the market, free agency-wise. I’m just being frank. There was nowhere else for me to go where I can be like, ‘Oh, I can go win.’ It was teams that strategically wasn’t what I wanted. So realistically, I wouldn’t say my hand was forced, but this was my best decision and best option on the table at the time.”
The call came from Sashia Jones, the Wizards’ vice president of player development and social engagement. Gilbert Arenas says he couldn’t believe the Wizards were asking him back, ready to mend fences after over a decade of separation. “I started asking the questions,” Arenas said. “Are you sure? Is Ted [Leonsis] okay with this? Is Tommy [Sheppard] okay with this?”
Arenas, Butler and Jamison technically reunited the night before. That’s when Arenas came back to Capital One Arena for the first time in years, walking onto the same court where he became a household name. They also had dinner with season ticket holders. “The love has just been unreal, like I’m still averaging about 30 and still the man,” Arenas said. Head coach Wes Unseld Jr. was a young assistant back during the heyday of the ‘Big 3,’ so it was a treat for him to see the three former NBA All-Stars back together again. “There were some laughs and also some tears,” Unseld Jr. said of the reunion.

Gilbert Arenas on leaving Washington after gun incident: ‘It was more me just feeling guilty about how I left’

Oh, he had no problems reminiscing about that time — Arenas, the walking quote, often poured out honesty when he addressed his knucklehead behavior, particularly the gun incident. But he had no desire in revisiting the scene of his greatest career regret. “It was more [feeling] guilty on my part,” Arenas admitted Friday. “I didn’t get to say bye to everyone who took care of me. It was more of those, like, “Oh, my God, I’m going to see everybody I just pretended that I left behind.’ It was just one of those things where it was more me just feeling guilty about how I left.”
On Friday night, as the Washington Wizards honored their past, they welcomed back their three best players from the mid-2000s: Jamison, who now works in the team’s front office; Butler, an assistant for the opposing team Friday night, the Miami Heat; and, of course, him. There would be no “Big Three” without him. They can say his name around here again. “I mean, it’s everything. It’s a point in history that’s pretty much not talked about for an extended period of time,” Butler said. “It never felt quite right, but now having Gilbert back where he belongs, it’s only right. It feels special.”
“I didn’t think he actually felt that way until we had the Zoom call and then as we got close. He was like: “Man, I’m nervous. They’re going to boo me,’ ” Jamison said about Arenas’s trepidation. “I’m like: ‘Who going to boo you? Like, why?’ It kind of threw me off that he felt that way but for him to be back to see familiar faces. And I think tonight at halftime, it’s going to be unbelievable.”