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Glenn Robinson
Glenn Robinson
Position: -
Born: 01/10/73
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Earnings: $80,221,250 ($120,009,746*)
In fact, since the NBA moved the 3-point line back in 1997, no one has come close to topping Jordan’s mark of midrange makes in a season. Most midrange buckets in a season (since 1997-98) 1997-98 Michael Jordan: 671. 2005-06 Dirk Nowitzki: 564. 2003-04 Kevin Garnett: 540. 2000-01 Glenn Robinson: 506. 2005-06 Kobe Bryant: 502. 2008-09 Dirk Nowitzki: 501.
General manager Elton Brand’s first stab at a fix has been scoping the market for more shooters. Embiid is an average shooter and Simmons is a nonshooter. The team’s offense excels with just one of them but gets clunky with them both, so finding players who can space the floor is critical. The Sixers have expressed interest in a long list of wings, including Malik Beasley (Nuggets), Glenn Robinson III (Warriors), Davis Bertans (Wizards), E’Twaun Moore (Pelicans), and Andre Iguodala (Grizzlies), according to multiple league sources.
“My dad,” Robinson said of the former No. 1 overall pick, “I knew him, but he was playing and busy. I was raised by my mom and grandma. But my dad was in the league. So I’ve seen the money. I’ve seen the cars. One day I went to practice with him. My dad let me sit on his lap while he was driving and we raced Ray Allen. At the same time, I come from Gary, Indiana. I’ve given back to the kids in the community. I’ve seen that people really do struggle. Even my grandmother was on food stamps for the longest time. So this hoopin’ is cool and all. But if you aren’t using this platform to help people, it ain’t nothing.”