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Hamed Haddadi
Hamed Haddadi
Position: None
Born: 05/19/85
Height: 7-2 / 2.18
Weight:255 lbs. / 115.7 kg.
It is a love that was momentarily drained from his life in 2009 when he and Smith were suspended for one game for mispronouncing “Iran” while describing Memphis center Hamed Haddadi. They called it, ”Eye-ran,” resulting in one angry email from a season-ticket holder that led to Fox officials to controversially bench the duo. “It was terribly unfair, and I am angry about it to this day,” said Lawler. “I didn’t say one word that could remotely be called racist. Listen to the tape, read the transcript, not one word, being a racist is so far from who I am.”