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Hamidou Diallo
Hamidou Diallo
Position: G
Born: 07/31/98
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:198 lbs. / 89.8 kg.
Salary: $1,416,852
Thunder coach Billy Donovan warned that Bazley, like all young players, will have ups and downs during the season. OKC saw that with Hamidou Diallo in his rookie year last season. Diallo was averaging 5.4 points in 12.7 minutes per game through December, but as opposing teams got to know his tendencies better, Diallo fell out of the rotation. That’s normal. “He’s experiencing a lot of different things,” Donovan said of Bazley. “My biggest thing for him is, as he learns and grows and gets better and has some success, he needs to stay really, really humble. … And he’s got to stay eager to work and eager to learn. He’s got all the challenges, the difficulties, the adversities that come with being a young player. He’s going to have to have the resiliency to work through those things. If he keeps that kind of attitude, he’s going to really improve.”
The highlight of Diallo’s first season was winning the 2019 Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend in Charlotte. But the soft-spoken Diallo is looking to follow that up with more assertiveness despite his age and inexperience. “Now that I’m in Year 2 just try to lead, be outspoken,” Diallo said. “Last year, I was pretty much just coming in and soaking it all in. This year, I’ll definitely soak some in, but this year I can speak my opinion.”
Second-year guard and Queens native Hamidou Diallo found out about his team’s off-season moves the same way the rest of the world did: on social media. When the Oklahoma City Thunder traded Paul George to the Clippers for a treasure trove of draft assets, then subsequently moved Russell Westbrook to the Rockets for Chris Paul, Diallo didn’t know any of it was coming. “No. No idea at all. That really hit home base,” he said after a visit to the National Basketball Players Association summer youth basketball camp on Thursday.
Diallo says he hasn’t spoke to Chris Paul since the trade, but he has a relationship with Paul after attending Paul’s youth basketball camp and working out with the All-Star guard in the past. He’s ready to get on the court with one of his idols, but until then, Diallo wants to improve in every area of his game, specifically his basketball I.Q. “I feel like that’s the biggest game-changer, just knowing the game and seeing out the floor, and sniffing things out before they can happen,” he said, before explaining: “Just watching film, and pretty much sitting there and breaking up film, seeing things that I was doing on the court.”
You​ probably​ don’t know​ that Hamidou Diallo​ has beaten​ one​ of America’s most scintillating​ skywalkers in a battle​​ for slam-dunk superiority. You probably haven’t heard that three years ago Diallo squared off with current Duke freshman Zion Williamson in a throwdown showdown and came away a winner, that at the 2016 Under Armour Elite 24 dunk contest, he beat Williamson in a spectacular final round. You probably aren’t aware of this because it is not, strictly speaking, true. “I won,” Diallo told The Athletic this week. “I had won. I just didn’t complete the (last) dunk. If I had completed the dunk, I would have won. But basically I won. I did everything to make me a winner up to that point. I just didn’t complete the dunk.”
Delk gives Diallo a shot on Saturday, if he can overcome the nerves that are certain to come with the bright lights of an All-Star Saturday night. And who knows? Maybe someday he and Williamson will meet again in a dunk contest. “You know you’re doing something as a high school kid when you’re getting the NBA guys standing up and making faces,” Delk said. “Those guys were doing it that night.”
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When Anthony Davis subbed in for the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday night at the 9:49 mark of the second quarter of their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, it put a remarkable six former Kentucky Wildcats on the floor at the same time. The occasion was noted by their former coach, John Calipari in a post on Twitter soon after it happened.