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Hassan Whiteside
Hassan Whiteside
Position: C
Born: 06/13/89
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:265 lbs. / 120.2 kg.
Salary: $24,434,262
Darren Wolfson: “Is Goran Dragic available [in exchange for Jimmy Butler]? Yeah, the Wolves could acquire Goran Dragic. Is Hassan Whiteside available? Yeah, the Wolves could acquire Hassan Whiteside. From Houston, you can get Eric Gordon. You can get PJ Tucker. The Rockets want Jimmy Butler. The Bucks are willing to offer Malcolm Brogdon, Eric Bledsoe—the Bucks still have interest in Jimmy Butler, but they’re not willing to move Khris Middleton. … The Clippers are also still very, very interested in Jimmy Butler.”
Hurricane Florence is gone, but remains a sobering memory. For the Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside and Bam Adebayo, both raised in North Carolina, it is a moment that hit home as they returned to the state for Tuesday’s exhibition against the Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum Center. “My mom had to come down and stay with me,” said Whiteside, who was raised just outside of Charlotte. “They had a flood and then the power went out. So my mom was at my house.”
While a degree of cleanup continues in the Charlotte area, Whiteside said he recognizes many had it far worse. “I was a little concerned, but I knew we were kind of inland,” he said of the home he purchased for his mother in the wake of receiving his four-year, $98 million free-agent contract in the 2016 offseason. “But a lot of places like Wilmington and places that are near the beach got hit a lot harder.”