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Horace Grant
Horace Grant
Position: -
Born: 07/04/65
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Earnings: $67,077,213 ($108,242,545*)
Horace Grant: It was one of the toughest, most difficult decisions I made in my life. After winning 3 championships, the year MJ retired, we had a pretty good season, winning 55 games and taking the Knicks to a Game 7. It was a pretty darn good year. I sat down with Scottie and I said “listen, I’ve got to look out for myself and my family.” And he understood. We embraced, we talked a little bit more, and I wished him well and he wished me well. It was tough. On the other hand, you look at a team with Shaq, Penny Hardaway…that was a great opportunity for me to go and lend my expertise to a young team with great talent.
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In game 6 of 1993 nba finals, Why did you immediately kick out to paxson instead of putting it up for 2. It was absolutely the right basketball play to make, I’m just curious because it was a decision you made in an instant, so I would love to know if you had any thought process in that very brief moment or was it just off instincts. Horace Grant: It was a combination of both. It was a very instinctive play because I saw in my peripheral vision that Danny Ainge and Dan Majerle were right there. They were right there, and I knew that someone was open. And it just happened to be a great shooter like John Paxson. So it was a combination of basketball instincts, and knowing that I had two guys on me. For example, during the Bulls’ second three-peat, when John Stockton came over and double-teamed Michael Jordan, he passed it right to Steve Kerr who made the shot. So it was a combination of both.
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“To single Horace out for that, to look at the climate that was going on during the time,” Hodges said, “Who knows the conversations that was happening between Sam (Smith) and MJ that MJ thought was off-the-cuff, and he was writing them down? So, there’s a lot of things to me that are left unsaid that need to be explained, and so if you’re going to point someone out, point them out with facts as opposed to it being innuendo. “It’s ugly for what we did as a unit and what we accomplished as a team.”
Storyline: Michael Jordan Documentary
Along with former Bull Scott Burell, Hardaway appeared on the Uninterrupted podcast on Monday to discuss Episodes 7 and 8 of the The Last Dance docu-series. The last episode shed light on the Bulls and Magic’s mini-rivalry at the time, as Hardaway revealed how badly Grant wanted to defeat the NBA team that drafted him 10th overall in 1987. “He was locked-in. He was just saying ‘I want to beat these cats so bad’. He really wanted to beat them. He had a deep hatred because they didn’t renew his contract and all the stuff that Michael supposedly did to him personally. He was like I want to beat these dudes. For him to have that on his side the very next year, it was crazy,” Penny Hardaway said.
Krause’s wheeling and dealing to acquire Pippen in a 1987 draft-day trade on the same night he selected Horace Grant — with an assist from then-coach Doug Collins — marked one of the most important nights in franchise history and set the stage for the first three-peat. In this excerpt, Krause wistfully wrote about the first time he saw Pippen play at the Portsmouth Invitational in Virginia, an annual predraft showcase: Love at first sight — pure scouting love. Sitting high in the stands away from the other teams’ scouts and general managers as the teams came out to warm up before the last game of the tournament’s first round, I looked at (Bulls scout) Billy (McKinney) and said, ‘That’s Pippen, isn’t it?’ I could tell by his long arms. And the rest of the body — the shoulders, the feet. Wow. I’m thinking, ‘If he can play, this could be something.’