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Iman Shumpert
Iman Shumpert
Position: -
Born: 06/26/90
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:212 lbs. / 96.2 kg.
Earnings: $47,802,193 ($50,508,003*)
According to multiple sources familiar with the negotiations, the trade that would have sent Lowry to the Knicks in December of 2013 was vetoed at the last minute by MSG Chairman James Dolan. At the time the Knicks were prepared to trade several players, including Metta World Peace and Iman Shumpert, plus a 2018 first-round pick to Toronto. The Raptors were mostly interested in the first-round pick but Dolan, having been burned twice in two previous deals with Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri, got cold feet.
Later, Fizdale discovered that Harden – along with several other Rockets players, including Chris Paul – had bolted the court well before the end of their blowout victory over the Knicks. Only one player – former Knick Iman Shumpert – remained on the bench. No matter how you slice it, leaving early to get a headstart on Friday night plans – no matter what they were — is disrespectful to teammates on the court and the opponent. But Fizdale said he didn’t care. “I don’t really have an opinion on it,” the coach said. “That’s something you have to ask the other team how they felt about that. Our guys, I know, were focused on the game and playing hard.”
Three craziest teammates? Channing Frye: “Stephon Marbury, Shump (Iman Shumpert) and Larry Sanders.” (Why?) “Steph was crazy just because he is uber-smart and he’s always trying to find the bigger, better thing. He has a huge New York personality. He’s a great guy. Absolutely a great guy, great teammate. He just is super smart and is always trying to change the game. Who was next? Shump? Shump is wild because he is so musically and artistically inclined. He just cannot conform to regular society roles. And I respect that, but he’s that way every single day. If everything’s quiet, Shump has to be loud. If everything is loud, Shump would be quiet. He just can’t do it, but I respect him for it because he’s like that every single day. And then Larry is crazy because he is crazy. I don’t know him that well because he was only here for a short time, but, you know, he’s up there.”
Rockets forward Iman Shumpert planned to begin running to test his sore right knee after sitting out the Rockets’ first two games after the All-Star break. Shumpert, who played just 14 games last season because of knee surgery, said the soreness came from ramping back up this season. “I just need to run and do stuff,” Shumpert said. “I haven’t really tested it out now. We’ve been doing strength work. I’ll be able to do a little running (Sunday and Monday), see how it responds and go from there.
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“I don’t think it was a certain play that happened. I sat out a year. Just an accumulation of minutes. Don’t get me wrong. I can still play through it. Looking at the long haul, being traded to this team, knowing what we’re up against and what we have to do come playoff time, I have to be able to play through. If I’m able to take some time now to get it all right, using the All-Star break for those days and taking these days, will do me a lot of good in strengthening it and making sure my form is right,”
The Rockets will save $6.3M towards the luxury tax and now have a tax bill of $6.1M. The amount could decrease based on the $1.5M of bonuses in the contract of Clint Capela. In addition, the Rockets will save $15.6M next season by trading the Brandon Knight contract to Cleveland. Houston is now $4M above the tax threshold after the addition of Iman Shumpert, Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin IV. The Rockers will inherit the bird rights of Shumpert.
7 months ago via ESPN
Kings guard Iman Shumpert was stopped from going into the Portland locker room by arena and Trail Blazers security after Sacramento’s 115-107 victory Monday night. Shumpert apparently was angry at Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic, who set a hard screen in the second half. “Some stuff needed to be between me and him, a conversation between two men,” Shumpert said. “Some stuff happened out there that we needed to have a conversation about. That’s it.”
8 months ago via ESPN
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David F.: Do you believe the Kings are likely to retain Iman Shumpert after his contract ends? Jason Jones: @David F. I think a few things work in Shump’s favor to return: 1. His teammates love him and the Kings seem to really value that. 2. He’s already a part of the culture that has improved. 3. I think his value to the Kings (along with the intangibles) might be worth more to the Kings than another team. It really depends on how much it will cost to keep him (I know that’s not a definitive answer). This situation just reminds me that you never know what can happen in the NBA … before the season the front office wasn’t even expecting this kind of contribution from Shumpert.
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Which rappers that you know of in the NBA, we know that Damian Lillard is a rapper, Shaq used to rap, Iman Shumpert has an album out, would you love to get on a track with? Definitely Dame D.O.L.L.A., that’s Damian Lillard’s rap name. I think that would be dope for me to get on a track with him. I think it would be very impactful for the league and for athletes, well young athletes all over the world. There’s a lot of great guys in the league so him to Iman [Shumpert] to Lou Will[iams], to Lance [Stephenson], even Andre Drummond raps a little bit, too. But there are a lot of guys that do music and it’s pretty cool to see.
5. Excluding you and your teammates, which pair of current teammates would make the best ‘NBA Jam’ duo? Curry: If it’s not me, I probably gotta roll with Steph and KD [Kevin Durant]. That’s a legendary duo. Reigning champs. That’s a good one. Al Jefferson: James Harden and Chris Paul. DeAndre Jordan: That’s tough, man. I mean, probably Steph and Durant. Brook Lopez: Obviously, it’s tough to go against the Warriors now. KD and Steph, something like that. I mean, I guess I would be a little biased since I played with Run TMC in the old “NBA Jam” game, but they’re the first thing that pops to mind. They’d definitely be good. Iman Shumpert: Steph and Durant. For sure.
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Shumpert is almost certain to opt in for next season. Having dealt with foot and knee injuries, this is not the time for Shumpert to test free agency when he has $11 million guaranteed for next season, even if he’s not a part of the Kings’ long-term plans. I’m intrigued by what Shumpert might add. He’s only 27 and has shown he can play in pressure situations, having been a part of Cleveland’s 2016 NBA championship team. Shumpert will be motivated to show the rest of the league he is healthy and that he can play a key role on a team.
When Altman visited with James in the Cavaliers’ practice facility a week ago, he let him know that there were still talks alive with the LA Clippers on a Jordan deal. What’s more, there was significant progress: Altman had ownership approval to send the Clippers Jae Crowder, Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert and the Cavs’ 2018 first-round pick for Jordan. The Clippers were willing to accept the trade, but on one significant condition. Clippers general manager Michael Winger explained to Altman that LA didn’t want another shooting guard. He hoped to find a third team that would take Shumpert and his $21 million with draft compensation, and have the Clippers get a center back. Altman and Winger agreed to make more calls to try to find a third team to make the deal work. Winger wondered whether Altman would let him talk to Shumpert’s agent about a possible contract buyout, but Altman wanted trade talks to be further along before granting that permission.
2 years ago via ESPN
Pro basketball player Iman Shumpert and singer-actress Teyana Taylor, whose VH1 reality show “Teyana & Iman” is set to premier in March, have bought a home in Studio City for $2.996 million. Competed last year, contemporary-style house is visually dramatic with offset rooflines and a monochromatic facade. The wide front of the home gives way to a wealth of open-plan space highlighted by 12-foot-high ceilings and Italian tile floors.
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The Cavaliers will now see their luxury tax bill reduced from $43.1M to $40.8M, a savings of $2.3M. The Jordan Clarkson cap hit is $11.5M, $12.5M and $13.4M. Larry Nance Jr. is under contract for $1.5M and $2.3M. The Cavaliers now have $135M in guaranteed salaries next season, including the $35.6M LeBron James and $11M Iman Shumpert player option.
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