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Iman Shumpert
Iman Shumpert
Position: -
Born: 06/26/90
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:212 lbs. / 96.2 kg.
Salary: $419,443
NBA Central: Shump says Melo always took the blame in New York to take heat off coaches and players “It’s not my job to take food out another man’s mouth, I’ll take the blame.” (🎥 @TheBallRealm )

During a discussion with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 in New York, Iman Shumpert recalled a jaw-dropping Kobe Bryant fourth-quarter takeover at the height of Linsanity. Shumpert said that he felt he had played an amazing game while guarding Bryant, and while on the floor in the middle of the game, he kept thinking of all the stories he was going to tell about his performance. When the fourth quarter started, though, Bryant had a warning for Shumpert. (Warning: video contains some profanity.) Iman Shumpert: “I guarded Kobe in the Garden. I can’t remember how much he had, but I know I had multiple steals against him, to where in the game, in my head, all I’m thinking of is when I’m having this conversation with my brother after the game, how I’m going to tell him how I stole a ball from Kobe. How I stripped Kobe before he was going to take a shot, how I drove by Kobe and got a dunk. Like I’m thinking about all these things in my head, I’m so geeked.
Iman Shumpert: “…. The fourth quarter starts, and Kobe said ‘you had a great game.’ He said ‘you had a great game young fella.’ I swear I looked at the clock like…. I’m looking like ‘there’s 12 minutes , what are you talking about?’ What was that, you know what I’m saying? You ain’t said nothing the whole game. I’ve been talking , I done stole the ball, I’m hyped as hell, it’s Kobe Bryant. He ain’t said not one word to me. ‘Great game young fella.’ The man come down, you remember, he came shot fake, shot fake, threw it off the glass, caught it, threw it to the corner. I’m like ‘bro, what you on? Like, bro, you been regular all game!’”
The agents delivered the message to their client, along with a new cellphone. It was connected to a new number, one with a New York-based 917 area code. “Don’t give it to anyone,” they told him. “This is your NBA phone.” That number is one of the few possessions that Shumpert, whom the Brooklyn Nets waived in December, has carried with him throughout his nine-year NBA career. “It’s my work number,” he said. “If you work in the NBA or play in the NBA, you know it. If not, you don’t.”