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Isaiah Austin
Isaiah Austin
Position: -
Born: 10/25/93
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
“I’ve always had a dream of putting together my own team in a general manager role. So this is kind of a test run for me,” Cousins said. “I think I put together a pretty decent team together. So, we’ll see what happens from here.” In terms of his team, Loyalty is Love includes former Baylor standout and NBA first-round pick Isaiah Austin and Cousins’ former UK teammate and first-round pick Daniel Orton.
Over the next three months, Austin’s resolve will be rewarded. He will return to the Dallas-area home that he was finally able to purchase, throwing a big birthday party for Zeke’s turns second birthday. He and Alexa will spend a week together in Jamaica, followed by a five-day family trip to Disney World. As he continues rehabbing his ankle, he will field lucrative offers from several first-tier teams in Japan, and later fly to Las Vegas to work out with a South Korean club. He will take his time with these options, finding confidence that his name has made the Asian basketball map. It is possible, Misuraca estimates, that he could make seven figures somewhere next fall.
As a 7-footer with a smooth jumper and smoother handles, perfect for stretching the floor in today’s game, Austin should have no trouble finding future work. “I got a full CBA season under my belt,” Austin says proudly. “That’s going to be real good for my résumé anywhere in Asia.” Now that he is established, though, it is remarkable to take stock of every obstacle that Austin has overcome so far: the diagnosis, the depression, the shoulder injury that sidelined him from the NBA draft after his freshman year, the blindness in one friggin’ eye.
The problem? Austin had been out of basketball for two and a half years. No clubs wanted to take that risk either. The first to bite was Serbia’ Crvena Zvezda, which signed Austin in Jan. ‘17. The nail salon was bad, but the low pay in Serbia was worse; his girlfriend Alexa Fogel was pregnant with their son Zeke at the time, so Austin regularly skipped meals because only one of them could afford to eat. “Couldn’t even buy coffee,” he says. Jaded by the European experience, Austin turned to Asia. That summer he made $30,000 a month while averaging 34.6 points and 13.4 rebounds for the Guangxi Rhinos in China’s second-tier league, followed by seven games on a Filipino squad. “I went to Taiwan, then I got hurt, and the team cut me,” he says. “And then I went to Lebanon, and I got cut because I got the flu.” Rejoining the Rhinos in 2018, he again led the team with 33.2 points and 10.4 boards in 32 games last summer.