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Jabari Parker
Jabari Parker
Position: F
Born: 03/15/95
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $20,000,000
A month-and-a-half later, Parker is playing his best ball of the season and is readying to return to Chicago for a second time. The Wizards, who played there two days after acquiring the 24-year-old, will face the Bulls again Wednesday. And Parker has no regrets about his partial season with the Bulls, all the way down to his now infamous comments about not getting paid to defend. “It was a learning experience for me,” Parker told The Athletic. “You can’t be real with everybody, because they’re not real, themselves. And I wasn’t meaning that defense isn’t important, but we gotta be real.”
Of course, Parker’s style isn’t reminiscent of either of the Wallaces. Defensive troubles didn’t help a notoriously rocky relationship with Boylen, which spoiled once Boylen elevated to head coach upon Hoiberg’s departure. Optics and multiple reports say Parker showed up to training camp out of shape, as well, though he insists “that’s absolutely false” and points to the effort he put in over the summer, when he stayed in Chicago and worked out with the team. “Just look at the stats. Look at when I did do my thing, when I climbed, how they just all of a sudden took me out of the rotation,” Parker said. “And then look at when I had a point a minute when I didn’t play at all. So, how was I out of shape if I’m able to do those two things?”
For Parker, it’s quite the change in role and lingo from a head coach. “It just feels good to get some support,” Parker said. “And when we have this conversation, I’m not in any ways bashing or backlashing at anybody. My situation (in Chicago) is in the past. But right now, it just feels good to have guys really believe in me and know what I can do, utilize those things to the best of abilities.”
Two fans ultimately received lifetime bans for verbal abuse directed at Westbrook on separate incidents, but Parker wasn’t totally surprised by the behavior. “I was not shocked,” Parker told the Deseret News ahead of the Wizards-Jazz tipoff on Monday. “Russ was an easy target for them because they’ve done it to him once before and it’s unfortunate, but I knew they was gonna end up doing it again.”
His perspective on Utah is different than most. While NBA players throughout the years have been critical of Jazz fans, he thinks the overall fan base is often painted in a bad light. “They really get (a bad rap) because they just look forward to competition, they look forward to people coming in and they take their basketball very prideful there,” Parker said. “You’ve got good fans, you’ve got bad fans, but that’s everywhere so you can’t include all of them as one.”
Parker knows because he’s been on the receiving end of some of those taunts inside Vivint Arena but decided to take it out on the hardwood. “Yeah, besides them calling me fat but I don’t care,” Parker recalled a past incident. “I’m the most athletic dude on the court so I really don’t care. They called me overweight or whatever while I was in the league but then I came back, and I dunked like three major dunks.”