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Jae'Sean Tate
Jae'Sean Tate
Position: F
Born: 10/28/95
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:230 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $1,517,981
Tate’s back is glistening like a diamond but this is his drug. “Really just being in the gym,” Tate told The Athletic about the best part of the offseason. “I feel like this is the first time in my career I could go through a season and work on my craft for months. Last year with COVID, it was difficult at first and then at the end, you had to find gyms and stuff. But this year, unlimited access working with the Rockets development team but also my personal trainers. I think that’s been great for me. “I’m a firm believer that as long as you’re in the gym, the more you’re in the gym, the more comfortable you get with the ball and with your craft. And that’s just what I wanted to do this offseason is not worry about all the other stuff again, just control what I can control, and that’s coming to the gym every day working my ass off.”
“Every day is something different,” Tate said. “In the aspects of my game, of course, the primary focus is being a better catch-and-shooter and just knocking down open threes — because people like to say that’s a weakness, I don’t look at it as a weakness, it’s just something I have to improve on. But I just think that’s confidence and reps. So every day, whether it’s Stephon or (John) Lucas, there’s just a plan in place. We came together with the organization at the end of the year and we had a big board on what our goals and expectations are for next season. And I think that’s the type of player I am — that just makes me work hard — when I see goals and something I can work towards other than just working with no end results. So I think that was the best.”
“We don’t want to be good at nine things, we want to be great at these two to three things,” Martinez said. “Obviously, he’s great at dominating the paint, so maximizing that and giving him a couple more solutions within the paint.” For Tate offensively, making his bag deeper meant an improvement in finishing inside, handling the ball and creating plays for others — acting as a secondary or tertiary playmaker. Per Second Spectrum, Tate finished 59.3 percent of his two-point field goals, comparable with names like Clint Capela, Miles Bridges and LeBron James.
Cayleigh Griffin: Tate will start for the Rockets. Danuel House Jr. and Eric Gordon are out tonight vs Toronto. Coach Silas plans to give the younger players more minutes – less time for Augustin, Theis tonight. Still wants to work on building continuity of lineup before the season starts.