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Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose
Position: -
Born: 01/30/73
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Earnings: $102,438,250 ($165,140,769*)
Then at halftime of the game between the Chicago Bulls and Celtics, ESPN aired a statement from Rose apologizing for his commentary. “I would like to apologize for a comment I made earlier on NBA Countdown. I question why a woman’s name, who had an alleged affair with Celtics head coach Ime Udoka, was not made public. After an internal investigation and it was discovered that she was a subordinate to the head coach, I now understand fully why her name should not be released to the public.”

Jalen Rose: Warriors failure to suspend Draymond Green will cost them chance at title this year

The Golden State Warriors failure to suspend Draymond Green after he punched teammate Jordan Poole will cost them the NBA championship due to the internal chaos it has caused, Jalen Rose says. “I’m saying when you choose not to suspend him…their dynamics of that relationship will never be the same,” Rose said Wednesday on “NBA Countdown.” “And so therefore how can we coexist?” He added: “The people that’s riding with Jordan Poole won’t forgive Draymond, and they also are going to be mad at the organization that they didn’t suspend him.”

Jalen Rose on GOAT debate: Michael Jordan has 10 scoring titles, LeBron James has one

Jalen Rose: When you talk about the best players of all time, you ultimately start talking about who’s the G.O.A.T. And when you talk about G.O.A.T., the first word is ‘greatest.’ That means achieved more than somebody else. And if we’re comparing Michael Jordan and LeBron, for example, Michael Jordan got 10 scoring titles. LeBron James has one. Michael Jordan has been Defensive Player of the Year in the NBA. LeBron hasn’t.
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“Can we retire using ‘Mount Rushmore’? That should be offensive to all of us, especially Native Americans, the Indigenous people who were the first people here before Christopher Columbus,” Rose said. “That land was stolen from them when it was discovered that it contained gold. And 25 years later, to add insult to injury, four American presidents were put on what we call Mount Rushmore on the top of the dead bodies that is buried right underneath. “So, I call for you and for myself — I’m owning this, too — let’s stop using the term ‘Mount Rushmore’ when we’re talking about our favorite rappers, talking about our favorite movies, talking about our favorite players.”