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Jamaal Tinsley
Jamaal Tinsley
Position: -
Born: 02/28/78
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Earnings: $42,682,093 ($60,779,442*)
Some players have their own ways of doing certain things, either on the court or off the court, and throughout NBA history, we had a fair share of bizarre and funny stories surrounding various players. One of those recent stories was about former NBA point guard Jamaal Tinsley, who accumulated around $250,000 in fines from the Indiana Pacers because he didn’t want to shower after practices and games.
Tinsley was a great and reliable point guard who showed up every time for the Pacers, but he developed a problem with the organization, specifically Reggie Miller. The Pacers legend forced the Pacers to change their rule of conduct after he noticed Tinsley never took showers with the team, and it didn’t matter if it was the games or the practices. They decided to penalize Tinsley every time he didn’t shower, and apparently, he didn’t budge at all, according to Sundov in his interview with Podcast Inkubator. “Tinsley wouldn’t shower after practices or games. We easily enter or exit the shower, and he would be dressed already exiting the locker room. Once, twice, three times… And Reggie Miller says to the team manager: ‘Bring the team rule book, we have to add one change that every player must shower after every training session, especially after every game, otherwise he will be punished.’ The first fine was $500, and it would be doubled every other time he didn’t take a shower.”
Tinsley said that he preferred taking showers at his house rather than showering with the team. Apparently, he didn’t want to get naked with the rest of his teammates and was extremely shy, which is understandable if that was the actual case. However, there was a way to handle that better internally, and Sundov said he and the rest of the teammates counted the number of fines, and Tinsley accumulated around $250,000 in fines throughout the entire season.
A Pacers team that was expected to contend for the Eastern Conference title was without all of its best players, from Ron Artest to Jermaine O’Neal to Stephen Jackson. They had been suspended. Veteran Reggie Miller was out with a broken hand, but he offered to play. Carlisle would not let him. Scot Pollard and Jamaal Tinsley both suited up for the game, but because of injury they were out. While postponing a game this season is common, the idea of postponing an NBA game because a team had only six available players was as much of an unknown then as was COVID-19.
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