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Jamal Crawford
Jamal Crawford
Position: -
Born: 03/20/80
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Earnings: $124,283,187 ($145,871,840*)
It’s been eight months since Jamal Crawford last stepped on the hardwood, where he played his 20th season as a member of the Nets against the Bucks in the Orlando “bubble.” Though his performance was cut short by an untimely hamstring injury, he’s been staying ready for whatever comes next. While he’s working with his kids on their games — and becoming a hoops entrepreneur, he’s not giving up on his NBA dream. The competitive fire is still not squelched. “We actually have talked to a couple of teams, so we’re seeing where it goes,” said Crawford about a possible 10-day contract this season. “We’ve had conversations, which is the good thing.”
Since participating in the NBA restart, Crawford’s been staying busy. He’s invested his earnings, but more importantly himself, into a new brand of basketball training: Shoot 360, which blends data and gamification with basketball education. With 13 gyms across America (and counting!), Crawford has played a big role as the company’s brand ambassador, investor, and soon-to-be owner of a Seattle location. Trae Young is also on-board with Shoot 360. “For me, obviously, my passion is basketball,” explained Crawford. “I don’t wanna just invest into something just to say, okay, I’m making money or trying to make money or whatever. But me, it’s about passion, what I’m really into. And this is pulling my heartstrings, it was a no brainer.”
When asked if he thinks the Nets can go all the way in the postseason, he didn’t mince words, declaring, “I think they can win it.” He noted that like any championship team, some injury-related luck will be involved. The Nets have lost both Kevin Durant and now James Harden for extended periods of time due to hamstring injuries. “But assuming everybody’s healthy, I think they’re too deep. I think they’re too good,” said Crawford.