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Jamal Crawford
Position: -
Born: 03/20/80
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Earnings: $123,993,384 ($144,646,137*)
Many NBA teams use iMessage for their group chats, according to the players we surveyed, although there are some organizations that use other messaging apps. When players make their own group chats on the side, it’s typically over iMessage or they’ll create a group direct message on Twitter or Instagram. “There are many messaging options; it all comes down to preference,” said Cody Toppert, an assistant coach with the Memphis Tigers who was on the Phoenix Suns’ coaching staff last year. “GroupMe is used by a lot of teams, and I like it because you can see who has or hasn’t read your message. Some teams use WhatsApp (especially overseas teams). There’s also Teamworks, which is a team-focused messaging app. Last year, when I was with the Suns, we tried several of the apps, but our players were having trouble getting our messages for whatever reason, so we went old-school and would just send group texts over iMessage. That ended up being the most successful group-chat option for us. Jamal Crawford still has a BlackBerry, so we couldn’t include him on the group texts and had to send everything to him in a separate text, which I thought was hilarious (laughs).”
Jamal Crawford: This is part of the one of the best recruiting classes in the country that year.. First time ever in the legendary @SLAM Magazine mag. Used to dream about being in that magazine..Twenty years ago. Wow!! #goblue #TBT pic.twitter.com/jY6lB9PTAv

Jamal Crawford not retiring

At 39, Crawford is still capable of those get-buckets moments. And though he acknowledges his 19th NBA season has not been what “we all envisioned coming into it” — the Suns are 18-60, after all — Crawford remains adamant that he is not contemplating retirement. “Oh, no,” Crawford told The Athletic following Monday’s shootaround. “That’s the part I hate — the perception because of how things went this year. You may look at the numbers and (see) I’m only taking six shots a game. I think it’s to be applauded (for me to) say, ‘Hey, when I go in, I’m not going to jack up every shot.’
In December, former NBA player, activist and author Etan Thomas came to Talking Stick Resort Arena with Emerald Garner to speak at a Suns players-only meeting. The nine-year NBA veteran also handed out copies of his third published book, “We Matter: Athletes and Activism.” Thomas’ book focuses on the intersection of race and politics in sports. It features interviews with several Basketball Hall of Famers including Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson, countless NBA all-stars and the Suns’ Jamal Crawford.

Jamal Crawford, 38 years old and on his eighth NBA team, has earned a reputation as one of the wiser veterans in the league. That made for a perfect match when another Seattle-area resident, the legendary Bill Russell, contacted him last summer. The two, quite appropriately, hit it off. “That was crazy,” said Crawford, now plying his trade in Phoenix. “First, he followed me on Twitter, and then I got a message from him to call him, and he wanted to come and see me play. I was blown away. I really was.”
In addition to watching the workouts, Russell engaged Crawford in some long talks. “Oh, great discussions,” Crawford said. “Discussions that are priceless. He’s not just like a basketball hero; he’s an American treasure. I think anybody who’s in his presence and can get that kind of knowledge, the stuff he’s seen and been through and just who he is as a person… when you can get that aura and be around that, it’s only a blessing.”
One of Crawford’s strongest NBA relationships is actually with a former Celtic who was traded for Irving. Isaiah Thomas and Crawford share Seattle-Tacoma roots, and the latter is bullish on Thomas’ future as he prepares to return from his hip problem. “That’s a brother,” Crawford said. “He’ll be a monster when he comes back. I couldn’t imagine him missing one day of basketball, and with all this time he’s missed, he’s going to be a monster. I’m excited for him.”
Storyline: Isaiah Thomas Injury
The Suns extended what is usually a 10-minute cooling off period to almost an hour talking about, well, they didn’t reveal what they discussed. “We’re just going to keep everything in-house,” Suns 18-year veteran Jamal Crawford said in a calm, relaxed voice. “We had a nice talk. That’s it.” The locker room was initially opened after the 10-minute cooling off period, but the media was asked to go back outside. Another 40 minutes went by before it was open again. Hmmm.
Storyline: Phoenix Suns Turmoil?
Former Celtics All-Star Isaiah Thomas has yet to play in a game for the Nuggets this season as he continues to work his way back from last March’s hip surgery. Suns guard Jamal Crawford, who has been one of Thomas’s closest friends for more than 10 years, said he speaks to the point guard every day. And as the doubters pile on — just as they have throughout Thomas’s career — Crawford said that Thomas is just using it as fuel. “It’s going to create an even bigger monster, how hungry he’ll be to get back out on that court,” Crawford said. “He loves basketball and he’d be hungry if he missed one game. The fact that he missed all this time, he’s going to be a monster.”
Last summer Thomas, who once had visions of signing a maximum-salary contract when he reached free agency, inked a one-year deal with the Nuggets for $2 million, the veteran’s minimum. “With him, nothing’s ever come easy, so why expect it now?” Crawford said. “Not that he did, but in general that’s just his journey. He’s doing well, considering everything. He’s working to get back. He loves the game as much as anybody I’ve ever been around, so I know it’s killing him.”
Storyline: Isaiah Thomas Injury
From Jamal Crawford, one of the more positive players in the NBA, slamming the ball on the floor at the end of the third quarter to the friction on the bench between Bridges and Kokoskov, the frustration was apparent. “How long have you been around basketball,” Suns veteran Trevor Ariza asked a reporter in a calm voice when asked what the conversations are like on the bench when trailing by 25 after the first quarter. “So what do you think the conversation would be like after that? “Probably not very positive.” Ariza laughed. “Exactly,” he said. “Not too happy, but again, that’s on us for not playing hard.”
The Suns turned the tables on the league’s second-best team, controlling the game from the outset and withstanding a late rally, defeating the Bucks 116-114 on Friday night on Jamal Crawford’s jumper with 0.8 seconds left. The victory gave the Suns their first road win of the season. “We showed a lot of grit,” said Crawford, in his 19th season. “Everybody was so tied together. Everybody was so engaged. We were saying the right things on the bench. This seems like the most gratifying win.”
The Disabled Player Exception that Phoenix applied for with regards to Darrell Arthur is now voided with his waiver. The Suns will have a $7.4M cap hit on Arthur and $50K with Shaquille Harrison. Teams eligible to claim Harrison must have cap space or a trade exception to claim him based on the guard signed a three-year contract in March. The remaining $1.4M on the Harrison contract is non-guaranteed and he has a $1.6M team option in 2019-20. The Suns will need to waive or trade one player before Jamal Crawford is signed.
Storyline: Darrell Arthur Free Agency
Ryan Anderson says he’s didn’t know much about Jamal Crawford’s visit to Phoenix. “He could’ve just come in here and grabbed lunch,” said a smiling Anderson after Saturday’s practice. Uh huh. Anderson doesn’t know the 18-year veteran personally, either, but he believes Crawford would be a good fit in Phoenix. “For sure,” Anderson said. “Obviously having another veteran guy with his abilities. Another vocal guy who can come in and teach these young guys, especially at the guard position, would be really helpful for us.”
“I like Jamal. I know him personally. He’s a great player, he’s a great guy,” Jones said on 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station. “Those are the types of players that we will look towards as we go through the season. More importantly, it’s not even about who potentially could be here or who’s out there. I’m focused on who’s here and we know who those guys are. Jamal is a name that — a guy that we’re looking at. He’s someone that we’ve expressed interest in, one of many names.”

Storyline: Jamal Crawford Free Agency
As a child, Irving spent summers with his grandparents in Port Orchard, Wash., which sits just across the Puget Sound from Seattle. He returned there for about three weeks this August, both to clear his mind and to find his rhythm. He called NBA veteran Jamal Crawford, who has known Irving’s family for more than 20 years. Crawford is a godfather of Seattle-area basketball, a mentor to pros there, but also teenagers with hoop dreams. Irving still remembers attending Crawford’s pro-am event there when he was just a kid, and the event still takes place today. Basically, Jamal Crawford is the person to call if you’re looking to organize high-level pickup games in the Seattle area. He knows where to find the players, the gyms and the privacy.
“I was honored when Ky called, for him to place that trust in me,” Crawford said in a telephone interview. “I wanted to really handle it delicately as far as finding an undisclosed location and keeping it that way, off the grid. “And I wanted to get players I felt were the best in terms of talent, and not being in awe. He wanted guys that would come at him, because he wanted to get better. He wanted to get his timing down. You want guys that know how to play, not guys that are out there trying to make a name.” The revolving group included NBA players such as Bulls guard Zach LaVine, Rockets forward Marquese Chriss and Spurs guard Dejounte Murray, and there were also others who played professionally overseas or are currently in college.
“You know what’s funny, Bill Russell is such an icon and such a legend, I don’t think anybody would’ve ever known about it – one, Ky didn’t talk about – if Mr. Russell with his Twitter account (didn’t) let that cat out of the bag,” said Crawford, who agreed to speak on the matter publicly only because Irving had earlier in the day. At first, Crawford wasn’t even sure Russell was going to show up. Russell has lived a quiet life in Seattle for years, but his public profile was minimal for such a massive figure until he began using Twitter a year ago. The two had never connected, so he wasn’t sure what to think when the phone rang. “When (he) and his wife called me, my wife thought I was being catfished like, ‘No way, that’s not him,’” Crawford said. “Then he came to the pro-am and I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ My whole ride to the pro-am I’m nervous, I’m like ‘OK, he’s coming to watch a pro-am game. Like, what do I do?’”
You see glimpses of something more. Wiggins is a ridiculous athlete. He will occasionally fake toward a pick, tip his defender that direction, and zoom in for a dunk. He peppered Crawford with questions about threading pocket passes and lasers to the opposite corner, Crawford says. He can bully smaller players in the post after switches (making him a useful screener for Jeff Teague), and hit the open man when help comes. But even down there, he too often settles:
“There is interest,” Crawford said. “I could just sign a deal to sign a deal. I’m just waiting for the situation where I think I can help where I fit well. I don’t want to sign something just to sign it. “I’m not saying ‘championship or bust.’ A team on the rise makes sense. I bring a specific skill set. So, a team that needs me instead of just, ‘Oh, that can work.’ I feel like I just went through that last season and I don’t want to do that again.”
Storyline: Jamal Crawford Free Agency
Jamal Crawford has spent the past 18 years in various NBA training camps: Chicago, New York, Oakland, Atlanta, Portland, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. But this year he is expected to begin training camp in his native Seattle, where there is no team. The 38-year-old guard is still a free agent. “If you would have asked before if I thought it would go this long, I’d say no, ” Crawford told The Undefeated. “But, I guess it’s kind of a special circumstance with the way the league is going, the market and different things of that nature. But I’m fine. I’m actually really, really good.
The Boston Celtics have 15 guaranteed contracts on the roster, the most they can carry into the season. They also have pretty good depth on the wing: Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward will start at the 2/3 spots, with Marcus Smart and Semi Ojeleye behind them. The Celtics are not really looking to add a wing. Plus, Crawford was frustrated with his role last season in Minnesota getting almost 21 minutes a night and having the ball in his hands a lot, that’s not necessarily a fit with Boston’s selfless style. But a good rumor never lets facts get in the way — like Jamal Crawford to the Celtics. The Athletic’s Jared Weiss, talking on the Celtics Beat podcast with Adam Kaufman, said there is “mutual interest” between the sides.