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James Harden
James Harden
Position: G
Born: 08/26/89
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $30,570,000
You’ve had some of the trickiest locker rooms that I’ve been around when it comes to the relationships with your guys. But outside looking in, I’ve sensed that the locker room dynamic in your time in Houston has been really strong and that you haven’t really had many fires to put out. Does that sound about right? Mike D’Antonti: “Oh, that’s definitely the case. And probably, there’s a lot of reasons. Basically, Chris, James, and the guys who were here last year, are good guys. And they like each other. But I think also, not having the shoot-arounds (on game days), and not being around each other all the time, is kind of healthy. You’re not getting tired of the same old shit the guy just said, and you’re like ‘Man, do I have to hear that again?’ It’s good to get away. Even the coaches are less cranky, and that’s when little flash fires start, when everybody is on edge or tired, or bored. And again, it goes back to the players. They’re good, and they understand what’s at stake. But we keep telling them, ‘hey, there’s going to be some days where you’ve got to swallow (your pride) because somebody did something you’re not going to like.’ I mean we all have egos. …Today, this guy is going to yell at you, and tomorrow you’re yelling at another guy and then that guy is yelling at somebody and then everybody’s yelling at (Rockets center) Clint (Capela) (laughs). That’s just the way it is. Just take it for what it’s worth, and there will be moments where everybody is pissed at each other. But it’s got to go quickly, and it does.”
One way James has overcome his relative mediocrity as a jump-shooter is his ability as a creator. He is arguably the best 3-point assister in the NBA. Last season, James Harden led the NBA by sinking 265 3-pointers. That’s a big number — it helped Harden win his first MVP — but James led the NBA by assisting on 344 3-pointers. Over the past five seasons, Curry has emerged as a new kind of scoring wunderkind, draining an incredible 1,485 3-pointers since 2013-14 season. But in that same period, James the creator has assisted on 1,318 made triples.
3 days ago via ESPN
“One thing I’ve learned from him is he’s a great communicator,” Harden said. “Not to me or not to Chris (Paul.) I’m talking about the entire roster. When you have a coach like him that communicates from player one to 15, it’s one of the best feelings. “Mike is a genius, man. He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve met in my life. He knows basketball. He knows what he’s talking about. He never yells. He’s so cool. You want to make him happy. You want to run through a wall for him.”
“It took a while to convince everybody that was the best thing to do and we didn’t do it until everybody was convinced,” D’Antoni said. “It was James bucking it and other guys who like the routine. He wasn’t convinced. We try to work with people. “If they feel like they’re tired and can’t go (at practice), don’t go. What I care about is game-time, they’re going to show up and play their rears off. I trust that they will. Luckily, with Chris and James and P.J. (Tucker), Clint (Capela), all these guys when it comes time to play, we’re going to play.”
Alex Kennedy: Josh Hart: “The hardest [player] to guard is James Harden, by far. BY FAR. I guarded LeBron, I guarded KD… James Harden is the most skilled and he’s very smart. You should just pray to God that he’s not going to get the ball – that’s what you should do when you defend him.” pic.twitter.com/yQ5LRdSbzR