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James Harden
James Harden
Position: G
Born: 08/26/89
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $38,199,000

Austin Rivers on Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden: They don’t say a word to each other. They don’t they don’t talk any trash to each other. They don’t. They don’t say anything. So it’s not like to the point where you’d be like, Man, these guys really hate each other. I think they both respect each other a lot. They just won’t admit it because they’re both so competitive. (…) I think James is so competitive, that he just doesn’t like somebody that’s also getting MVP. And I think it’s the same way Giannis.
Justin Kubatko: Duncan Robinson has 250 3PM (and counting) this season. Fastest in NBA history to reach that mark: 48 – Stephen Curry, 2018-19 51 – Curry, 2015-16 51 – James Harden, 2018-19 55 – Harden, 2019-20 65 – Curry, 2016-17 67 – Harden, 2017-18 67 – Paul George, 2018-19 68 – Robinson
While watching Sunday night’s box-office affair between the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks, perhaps the saying speaks more to the mental exercise of what it takes to play defense and get stops. “Heart and will,” James Harden said. “Everybody says we’re undersized — and they got a couple of offensive rebounds on us just cause they have 7-footers and whatnot — but you gotta just keep fighting, keep fighting. Once we get that ball, we’re out, so it just takes good spirit, fighting and making sure we’re communicating defensively and in our right positions.”
Westbrook finished with 31 points, eight assists and six rebounds, but it’s more important to note how he kept Houston afloat while Harden sat with foul trouble. He constantly put pressure on the Bucks’ defense, forcing them to concede open shots to Green, Tucker, Ben McLemore, and others. In addition, it seemed like him and Harden struck a good balance of when to attack versus when to move the ball and look for others. When Harden struggles offensively, Westbrook is more than capable of picking up the slack. “Yeah, I think we’re comfortable now,” Harden said of the pair’s chemistry. “I think with that training camp, we’re in a good place. We found ourselves.”
Storyline: Harden-Westbrook Dynamic
“We loaded up,” House explained. “We talked. The most important thing was to stop him before he got downhill, of course. We did a good job about locating him before he could get the ball or even after he got the ball to make sure that we were on the help side and that guys were already communicating with one another. That’s been a big help and a big factor for us — communication on defense. So we don’t have those “my bad” moments.” “Very important,” Harden added on their late-game defense. “I think throughout the course of the game we played some really good defense. Obviously, they’re a really good offensive team, but throughout the course of the game we got stops when we needed to.”
What the Rockets are banking on is discomfort. Making opposing teams have to adjust to their style. We’ve seen them do it before to good teams—the Lakers, Celtics, and Jazz come to mind although you could make the case that Boston already plays a similar brand. Houston wants teams to believe they have the advantage, force inefficient post-ups down their throat, only to cause a shift to match a style of play they already excel in. It’s a five-on-five chess game and Houston is dead set on putting you in checkmate with bishops and knights. “That’s the point,” Harden said. “To be able to use our advantages against our opponent. Most teams have traditional centers and seven-footers and we don’t. We have to use our quickness to our advantage. Obviously, transition defense and rebounding are going to be key for us and we have to focus on that at a high level.”
James Harden joined the Rockets at Disney World. And immediately caused controversy. Harden wore a Thin Blue Line flag mask. The Thin Blue Line can symbolize support for police – who are said to be the thin blue line separating order from anarchy – but has also become viewed to represent oppression and white supremacy. The mask includes a skull resembling the Punisher logo, which has become another symbol of both police pride and something more menacing.