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James Harden
James Harden
Position: G
Born: 08/26/89
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $38,199,000
“THERE IT IS. OH MY GOODNESS. 10 TURNOVERS FOR JAMES HARDEN. A QUADRUPLE-DOUBLE.” —Hornets’ broadcasters during Charlotte’s win over the Rockets

White has cemented himself as a vital piece of the team’s defensive puzzle moving forward. The third-year guard is tied for fifth in the NBA in charges taken. Toronto’s Kyle Lowry and the L.A. Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell top the league with 30 apiece. Also, White’s 51 blocked shots are second only to James Harden’s 52 among NBA guards. “I think it helps if you can do both, block shots and take charges,” White said. “They don’t know which one it is going to be.”
Joshua Harris and David Blitzer led a group that bought the 76ers in 2011. A year into their tenure, they hired Sam Hinkie to run the team. Hinkie, with a Stanford Business School degree and an infinite appetite for zigging when others zag, came from the Rockets where, under Daryl Morey, he had been a key part of basketball’s “Moneyball” revolution. They upset the norms of cap and draft pick strategies, uneven trades, contract structures, and talent evaluation to get the Rockets James Harden. Hinkie had fascinating ideas about what a poor team like the 76ers could do to get good.