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JaMychal Green
JaMychal Green
Position: F
Born: 06/21/90
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $4,767,000
Two months later, he was starting as a floor-stretching center against Golden State in the playoffs. Then, he dangled for two weeks in free agency. He passed on richer offers from several teams, including playoff mainstays, according to Green and sources at those teams. The Clippers had shown faith in him. Green is loyal. He has stuck with his agent, Michael Hodges, since the start of his career, even when bigger fish tried to poach him. (When those agents call, Green secretly lets Hodges listen in on their pitches, he and Hodges say.)
Charania: Sam, I began to hear in the days leading up to Kawhi’s commitment in the early morning hours of July 6 that he informed the Clippers that he would sign with them — if they were able to acquire a second star. Russell Westbrook and Paul George became early targets, I was told, but Leonard identified George as the player to get. And once the Clippers received word that Leonard was choosing them, they did whatever they could to ensure his commitment stuck. I’m told Leonard has been steadfast in his recruitment of players this summer, not only pitching George but also free agents such as JaMychal Green, who is returning on a two-year deal with a player option. PG was no easy snag for them, and it’s a testament to Leonard, the organization and everyone involved for it to get done.
JaMychal Green left behind in Memphis a very pregnant girlfriend. So did Nikola Mirotic, who got dealt for the second time in his career in February, moving from New Orleans to Milwaukee. “It was my family. Maybe it I was living alone, it’d be easier,” Mirotic said. “You grab the basic stuff and you move on. But I’m a married guy. My wife is pregnant. We have a son, 4 years old. It’s our life and we all have to move.” It meant getting special permission from his wife’s doctor in New Orleans for her to travel. It meant finding a new doctor in Milwaukee, a new hospital, a new doula, a new birth plan. “Everything changed,” Mirotic said.
“Man, it was a long day. A long day,” he said. “Normally I’m worried about the game, watching film, doing things like that. [Today] I’m sitting downstairs in the lobby until 1:30, 2:00, waiting for the trade deadline to pass, trying to figure out if I’m gonna be here or not. And to see Marc end up going, and [JaMychal Green] and Garrett [Temple], and just your whole team all of a sudden change. It’s hard to lose guys that you consider brothers, and I consider every one of those guys — Marc, J-Mike, Garrett — they’ve all played parts in all of our careers, especially mine.”
1 year ago via ESPN