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Jared Dudley
Jared Dudley
Position: F
Born: 07/10/85
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Salary: $2,564,753
“The biggest thing is maturity. You look at his body. Devin Booker is lean. You can tell the way that he’s eating, the way he’s carrying himself. He’s a pro now. He wasn’t a pro when he first came in. He just made it to the NBA. It’s different. He had to go through his fun, hanging out, who are his friends, what he’s doing off the court,” said former Suns teammate and current Lakers forward Jared Dudley. “Now you see he’s kind of in a relationship. He’s locked in. He keeps more to himself. He’s not out like he used to be. He’s just more mature. The biggest thing about his maturity, you can tell by his body. That man, I told him, and he looked good. He’s like, ‘Man, I’m locked in.’ You can tell and I’m happy for him.”