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Jarrett Allen
Jarrett Allen
Position: C
Born: 04/20/98
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:234 lbs. / 106.1 kg.
Salary: $2,376,840
Several people mentioned the Nets could be active in trades. Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen are all names that rival executives believe to be available in some form. They could be attractive pieces for the Nets to package together to land a third star that sends them to the top of the conference. Some also wonder whether Brooklyn will spend big to keep unrestricted free agent Joe Harris this summer.
League sources told The Post the Nets aren’t going to make any major changes by the trade deadline. And everything that’s gone on backs that up, with the Nets getting hits on core pieces Jarrett Allen and Spencer Dinwiddie, and turning them down. By the time the deadline passes at 3 p.m. Thursday, any changes the Nets make will likely be around the edges of the roster, or not at all.
Storyline: Jarrett Allen Trade?
League sources say the Rockets offered Capela to the Nets for a package that included Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince, which Brooklyn declined. The Celtics have a top-six-protected first from the Grizzlies that will become unprotected next year that they could dangle in a trade—but considering Memphis is currently eighth in the West, that pick is likely to convey this season—as well as rookie wing Romeo Langford. The Hawks remain the most likely destination for Capela, which would lead to a whole different set of possibilities.
The Nets are almost certainly not dealing LeVert, Dinwiddie, or Jarrett Allen for a package centered on picks, sources say. That wouldn’t make sense with Irving and Durant on board. Irving’s knee injury is also a last-minute monkey wrench. LeVert suitors would be subject to what is effectively a poison pill because of his contract extension that kicks in next season. Ditto for Taurean Prince.
Storyline: Caris LeVert Trade?
“You hear about the Knicks, they don’t live in Manhattan,” said Jarrett Allen, the Nets’ center who’s lived in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood going on three seasons now. “It’s expensive as s— (in Manhattan),” Allen said. “They live in Westchester. We’re here living in Brooklyn and close to the practice facility. We’re all getting involved in the community and people can see the effects of what we’re doing. I think people are taking note of the things we do and how in tune with Brooklyn we actually are.”
“I’m not liking what I see with Rodi’s development. And that’s where, he was a huge part for what I saw of the future. (Taurean) Prince kind of took a little bit of that. And then, I’m glad they started Jarrett Allen there because his growth for them next year is crucial for them. “….They knew Durant wasn’t going to play this year. So development (of young players) is still crucial (this season).