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Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd
Position: -
Born: 03/23/73
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:212 lbs. / 96.2 kg.
Earnings: $187,675,468 ($251,428,484*)
The Dallas Mavericks are on the verge of hiring Igor Kokoskov to join Jason Kidd’s coaching staff, sources confirmed to ESPN. Kokoskov, whose two decades of NBA experience includes a one-season stint as the Phoenix Suns’ head coach, has a strong relationship with Mavs superstar Luka Doncic stemming from his time coaching the Slovenian national team. Kokoskov coached Slovenia for two years, culminating with the EuroBasket 2017 title, when Doncic and Goran Dragic led the nation to its first championship in that event.
Storyline: Igor Kokoskov Contract
Kidd would ask Giannis to explain what he did wrong during film sessions. There was no right answer, but a nod wasn’t acceptable. He had to say his mistake out loud. That was difficult for Giannis, who wasn’t a vocal player. Though gregarious off the court, he was still quiet on the court, still trying to fit in. He hated speaking up on the floor. He’d rather show leadership through action, through work ethic. Kidd pulled Giannis out of his comfort zone by pointing out flaws verbally, seeing how Giannis would respond. It was part of Kidd’s plan to transform his new project into a point guard. For point guards, talking is like breathing—instinctive, necessary. Because in Kidd’s eyes, Giannis could be that point guard. He could become a superstar.
Still, that was a ways away. “We knew at the time that Giannis had the ability to handle the ball,” says Joe Prunty, Bucks assistant coach from 2014 to 2018, “but being able to handle the ball and being able to run the team are different things.” Kidd flirted with having Giannis at point guard beginning in 2014 summer league, though Giannis’s official position was listed as center in two of four of the games. Kidd knew Giannis could play all positions; he could become a hybrid point forward, like Scottie Pippen was. Privately, Kidd told his coaches that Giannis might never morph into a point guard, but he could turn into the next-generation big man, because, truly, what five-man could guard him?