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Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd
Position: -
Born: 03/23/73
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:212 lbs. / 96.2 kg.
Earnings: $187,675,468 ($249,815,341*)
The Nets had gone 26-56 the year before, prompting GM Rod Thorn to make arguably the greatest trade in franchise history, sending Stephon Marbury to the Suns in exchange for Kidd. Even so, it wasn’t like anyone was predicting an NBA finals run — let alone back-to-back NBA finals runs — at the time for the Knicks’ little brother. And there wasn’t exactly any buzz in the building for the opener against the Indiana Pacers. “I think it was a wakeup moment for Jason,” Eagle said. “A humbling way to start the next chapter of his career. He was used to playing in front of large, boisterous crowds in Phoenix, and this was a somber moment of what playing in New Jersey was going to be.”
“I think Kevin brings some of what Kidd brought, which was a very quiet confidence of ‘I’ll show you,’” said Eagle, who will also call Durant’s debut on YES Network. “And I know he and Kyrie definitely look at this as a legacy-type situation where they can put their stamp on the franchise – and that goes against conventional thinking. Because for many years, the thought was always if you come to New York and win a ring for the Knicks, it’s all about setting this standard and creating these lasting memories. But the reality is they decided to do it a different way.”
Facundo Campazzo: Like many of my future peers, playing in the NBA has been a lifelong dream. When I was a kid, me and my friends played like we were Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Vince Carter and pretended we were in the league. To be honest, for much of my life I didn’t think actually playing in the NBA was a really attainable thing. It was only later on in my career, once I was with Real Madrid, that I even looked at it as a goal and maybe not a particularly realistic one.