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Born: 03/23/73
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:212 lbs. / 96.2 kg.
Earnings: $187,675,468 ($249,815,341*)
After the Lakers and Briscoe were given permission to seek the opportunity by the Grizzlies, Howard and Kidd were able to connect in person, league sources told The Athletic. They discussed life, their playing days together, the possibility of Howard joining the Lakers. Howard’s message to Kidd and the Lakers was the same one he delivered to The Athletic in July from NBA summer league: He’s learned from the past several seasons, learned that, at age 33, he is simply one of the guys now. Howard believes he can contribute at a high level for any NBA team, but the eight-time All-Star also understands he has to focus on rebounding, defense, blocking shots, finishing around the rim and simply playing whenever he is asked. He has accepted it — as much as those in the basketball community have doubted his words.
How difficult is it when you’re on a team and the owner is holding the franchise back? Is that something players notice and get upset about? Kenyon Martin: Yeah, look at my situation in New Jersey. It was solely the owner . It was a group, but one guy had majority ownership (Bruce Ratner) and he had the final say. He cost the Nets a championship, I believe. They’ve could’ve had Jason Kidd, myself and others for a very long time. Who knows what could’ve happened ? Ownership definitely plays a role. If you have an owner like Steve Ballmer and Mark Cuban, who are willing to open their checkbook and put the organization’s success first and spend whatever is necessary to win, that’s huge too. The owner plays a role both ways, good or bad.
The Los Angeles Lakers have named Jason Kidd, Lionel Hollins, Phil Handy, Miles Simon, Mike Penberthy and Quinton Crawford as assistant coaches on Head Coach Frank Vogel’s staff, it was announced today. Also named to Vogel’s staff are Greg St. Jean as player development coach/advance scout, Dru Anthrop as head video coordinator/player development coach, and Jon Pastorek, as assistant video coordinator/player development coach.
“So there’s always unknowns, right –when you’re a player and going to a new organization,” admitted Kittles. “Even though you’re a superstar player, I can remember when the Nets brought in Jason Kidd, and he was already an All-Star and a well-established superstar in the NBA, but he came to a new organization with a bunch of new faces, and new coaches, and new system. It’s going to take some time for those guys. I think Kevin Durant sitting out most of this year, if not the entire season, will give Kyrie a chance to grow and to learn how to play the style of play that Coach Atkinson has and how to lead. I think will be his first real chance of leading and grow in that role.”
The Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel made his motives clear why he wanted to see Jason Kidd on his coaching staff, per Silver Screen & Roll: “I’ve gotten really comfortable with Jason. What I would say is every assistant coach in the NBA wants to be head coach. Jason’s no different in that regard. It was brought to my attention that they had an interest in bringing him on as an assistant … we had a great talk and a great interview and he’s in a terrific place.”
Storyline: Vogel-Kidd Dynamic
Looking back, Youngblood isn’t surprised to see Irving back home. He loved the Nets growing up — his favorite player was Jason Kidd — and said it was a dream of his to play for them one day. After officially signing his four-year, $141 million contract with Brooklyn, Irving posted a photo of himself as a child, holding an old school New Jersey Nets basketball. Irving and Youngblood met up after Irving won an NBA title with the Cavaliers, and Youngblood recalled him saying the only way that feeling could have been topped was if it happened with his hometown team.
Vogel and Kidd did not have a previous relationship, but the Lakers’ head coach laughed off the notion that some might view Kidd as a potential successor. “No, I am very good at blocking out noise,” Vogel said with a chuckle when asked about how some in the media have already deemed Kidd as a successor. “I have been around this business a long time. I really don’t give that a second thought. You can say that about every coach in the league about their assistant coaches. It happens from time to time. I believe if you treat people with the right respect and do the job at the highest level, build an environment of positivity and collaboration, you can’t worry about that stuff. “You can’t worry about looking over your shoulder. You got to worry about getting good damn coaches, and that is how I feel about this hire.”
4 months ago via ESPN
“Sometimes as a foreigner—and English is your second language—it sometimes can be nerve-wracking to speak or say something because a teammate could not understand you, so to put yourself out there was something that we tried to do right off the bat, but you could see that he was maybe nervous to say something and also felt like maybe it’s not his place to say anything,” Kidd said. “He had to earn that. So that’s what made the situation special, too—that he wanted to play, but we also wanted him to talk. Because if he talks and understands what he’s seeing and shares with his teammates, it just makes the game that much easier for everybody.”
It is just speculation right now, but one person asked me if I knew why Kidd was there and as I guessed at his relationship with LeBron James or his ability to tutor Lonzo Ball, the person familiar with the Lakers process said something else: that Kidd was brought to Los Angeles to attract Giannis Antetokounmpo to the Lakers when he becomes a free agent in two years when the Bucks star could become an unrestricted free agent.
James has a strong relationship with Kidd, multiple sources told ESPN, which may have helped Kidd’s leverage in landing the job on the Lakers’ bench. James was taken aback by how the Lue negotiations broke down, a league source told ESPN, but James “liked” several Instagram posts touting the Vogel/Kidd hires over the weekend. It has been James’ only public endorsement of the team’s recent hires.
4 months ago via ESPN
With Jason Kidd as a top assistant on Vogel’s staff, Robert Horry agrees with O’Neal that fans have to be patient. “Give the man a chance, because there really is no right coach out there,” said Horry, who won three of his seven NBA championships with the Lakers. “There is no Phil Jackson walking through that door. There is no Pat Riley walking through that door. So nobody is ever going to be happy with what coach they get. Vogel might be the perfect coach. Who knows?”
According to a person familiar with the negotiations, it wasn’t general manager Rob Pelinka but senior basketball adviser Kurt Rambis who orchestrated the Vogel hiring. He also made the move for Jason Kidd, who will serve on the bench as an assistant coach. Multiple executives, when polled, suggested the Lakers should make sure they have their front-office hierarchy established before hiring a coach, and it appears they have, with Rambis stepping into that role. One executive even called him the Lakers’ “shadow president.”
Storyline: Lakers Front Office
Vogel’s emerging candidacy speaks to the significant influence of Lakers adviser Kurt Rambis and former coach Phil Jackson, whose opinions weigh heavily with owner Jeanie Buss. Vogel was the runner-up to Jeff Hornacek when Jackson hired a New York Knicks replacement for Derek Fisher in the summer of 2016. Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has spent the past few days gathering information from those who have worked with both Vogel and Kidd about how they believe those two could complement each other on a Lakers coaching staff, league sources said.
4 months ago via ESPN
Vogel flew to Los Angeles on Thursday and met with Pelinka and his front office and had detailed discussions on how Vogel would approach the possibility of taking over what has become a volatile situation. The Lakers are under tremendous pressure to partner LeBron James with a suitable replacement to Luke Walton and to start to quell the turmoil that’s surrounding the organization.
4 months ago via ESPN
According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, Kidd has been selling the Lakers on his ability to develop young talent and would be especially excited to work alongside Lonzo Ball: I don’t want to pull back the curtain too much but I’ve spent a considerable amount of time talking to Jason Kidd about the Lakers job. I can’t say that I know exactly what he said to them in his interview, but I have a general idea of what his vision for the team was and I think one of the things that Jason really believed in was developing their young players. Again, I don’t want to violate too much of a confidence here, but when we spoke about it, I really do think he was a big believer in Lonzo Ball. He thinks Lonzo Ball can really be a good player. He wants to help develop him.

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving teaming up in LA?

If he switches conferences, one of the leading options could be joining his former teammate LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers. According to Brian Windhorst, who has extensively covered both of these players, this has recently become more likely than ever (via ESPN): “As time passes here, I would’ve said that this is impossible for many months. But as time passes here and as the possibility exists that Jason Kidd could be hired as the Lakers coach, I think the possibility of Kyrie and LeBron reuniting — that door, which was deadbolted, has been un-deadbolted and has now been cracked open … It might even be opening more by the day. And I say that just because I think it’s on Kyrie’s radar, it’s on Kyrie’s board. He has had discussions with people about playing for the Lakers.”
This rumor is part of a storyline: 300 more rumors
Beyond an inability to agree on contractual terms, the Lakers had proposed several scenarios involving their preferred candidates for assistant coaches, including Jason Kidd, league sources said. The Cleveland Cavaliers still owe Lue $10-plus million on his contract payout, and accepting a less-than-market value deal from the Lakers could ultimately cost him money.
4 months ago via ESPN
General manager Rob Pelinka and front office advisor Kurt Rambis had interviewed Kidd for the head coaching job, and became convinced that he should be a key member of a Lue coaching staff, league sources said. They believed Kidd could be impactful with point guard Lonzo Ball, and were impressed with the Milwaukee Bucks player development during his tenure there. It isn’t believed that Lue had objections to Kidd joining his staff, but the two had not discussed the possibility directly, league sources said.
4 months ago via ESPN
Storyline: Lakers Coaching Search
The Lakers also interviewed Jason Kidd for the position on Monday, according to the same people. Pelinka and senior basketball advisor Kurt Rambis conducted the interview. Rambis returned to the organization last summer. He is married to Linda Rambis, the Lakers’ director of special projects who is Buss’ closest confidante. Kidd is not expected to have a serious shot at the Lakers’ job — a position that some in the organization felt he was campaigning for during the season.
Kidd becomes the third candidate to meet with the Lakers, following Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Monty Williams and former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue, who both interviewed last week. Miami Heat assistant coach Juwan Howard is also scheduled to interview for the job, sources told ESPN, and Williams and Lue are also both expected to have follow-up sessions.
5 months ago via ESPN
Kris Humphries: I had a pretty good game — something like 15 and 15. Dirk and Jason Kidd were sitting on the trainer’s table, getting a massage or something. Two absolute legends, man. So I’m talking to Dirk, just catching up, and then Jason turns to Dirk and says, “Young fella gave you the business tonight, huh?” I still get goosebumps, to this day. If you ask me why I played the game, it’s for that right there. Whenever I was in the gym, everything else went away. I might not have turned out to be the scorer I thought I was going to be, and I definitely went through some tough times, but at the end of the day, I lasted 13 years in this league. Not a lot of guys can say that. Today, I’m officially retired from the NBA.

It was James’ associates, remember, who tried to get the Lakers to hire former Heat assistant David Fizdale (who went to the Knicks) last spring before James joined the team, an idea that was quickly nixed by Buss. And while James might want to retread his old coach, former Lakers guard Tyronn Lue, or his old Olympic teammate, Jason Kidd, Johnson may want a push for Michigan State coach and friend Tom Izzo, who’s given no indication he wants to leave the collegiate ranks. Expect Buss, who has backed Walton all year, to support a reasonable, qualified head coach who can please multiple factions, like Monty Williams.
Irina Pavlova, former President of Onexim Sports and Entertainment: Brook was out. Kevin (Garnett) couldn’t play big minutes. Mason (Plumlee) had to step up big time in his rookie year. I was talking to Jason (Kidd) before a game once and he said, “We need another big” and then asked what I thought of Jason Collins. I said, “I don’t know … You tell me! Is he good? Can he help us? Is he a good guy?” Kidd said, “Yes, I think he can. And yes, he’s a really good guy.” I asked, “Do you think it’ll be an issue with the locker room?” Kidd said, “If we had a bunch of really young guys, I’d be worried, but I know with KG and Paul (Pierce) here, it’ll be OK and they won’t let anyone get out of line.”
He resisted Kidd’s entreaties to shoot more 3s too. Middleton tried fewer than four per game; Kidd dared him to double his attempts in some games. “I was stubborn,” Middleton says. He blossomed anyway. Middleton averaged 18 points in 2015-16, and received All-Star consideration. He was primed to make it the next season. But at the end of a September practice, Middleton slipped on wet spot, and tore his left hamstring muscle completely off the bone.
7 months ago via ESPN

Now it appears the Lakers may have zeroed in a potential replacement, as Ric Bucher explained on the “Bucher and Friends” podcast that there’s mutual interest with Jason Kidd: “There’s another development that I’m hearing is gaining momentum, and that’s the possibility of Jason Kidd returning to the coaching ranks by succeeding Luke Walton with the Lakers. Now, I first heard Kidd’s name connected with the Lakers a while back. Right about the time the first round of, ‘Is Luke Walton on the hot seat?’ stories came out. Jeanie Buss, head of the Lakers, threw a bucket of water on that seat, cooled it off. And so I tucked away the talk of Kidd and the Lakers as something at the time, simply spitballing or connecting dots that weren’t necessarily part of the same mosaic. Now, I know that Kidd wants to coach again. And I know he expressed interest in the Knicks job before David Fizdale ultimately got it. … In the case of Jason and the Lakers, I figured it was a matter of Jason letting them know he was interested, and the Lakers saying, ‘Thanks, we’ll get back to you.’ Well, now sources are saying that the Lakers have actually gotten back to him and this has gone to the next level. And if the Lakers do make a move on Luke, which based on all of the rumblings could happen sooner rather than later, Kidd appears to be very much in the mix and possibly is even the favorite.”
Storyline: Luke Walton Hot Seat?
Doncic added 12 assists and eight rebounds, just missing his first career triple-double. At 19 years, 317 days, he is the youngest player with at least 25 points and 10 assists in a game since LeBron James (19 years, 95 days) did it in 2004. Doncic is the second rookie in Mavericks history with at least 25 points, 10 assists and five rebounds in a game, joining Jason Kidd (April 11, 1995). “That’s what he does so far for us,” said longtime Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki. “He’s been a great closer for us.”
Flash forward three-plus calendar years, and Walker is one of the league’s most dangerous perimeter scorers. Only James Harden has attempted more pull-up 3s. No one has canned more tightly contested 3s, per tracking data. Walker is fifth in scoring, and No. 1 in ESPN’s offensive real plus-minus. He barely needs a foot of airspace to snap into his refined shooting motion, and launch fire. “He and Dame [Lillard] are the closest things to Stephen Curry,” says James Borrego, Charlotte’s coach. It might be the single most remarkable transformation of a jump shot in the history of the sport. Even Jason Kidd, the archetypal point guard who learned to shoot, never dreamed of taking, and making, the high-wire bombs Walker squeezes off within a space — between two defenders — as tight as a high-school locker.
Ball is like a dream point guard from a lost era. Early as it is in his career, you hear NBA people cite all-time greats when discussing him. “Lonzo’s like Jason Kidd,” an Eastern GM told me recently. “He wants to throw the ball ahead on the fast break.” In another time, like the 1980s when Magic Johnson had the Lakers flying up and down the floor, Lonzo’s playmaking in the open court would have made him special… as he was as a UCLA freshmen where he walked in and galvanized the program. The NBA now runs on scoring but not on running. In the four decades since Showtime, NBA defense grew up, making sure opponents could no longer take the ball off the board and get 2-1 or 3-2 advantages at the other end.

Started in 1996 as a collaboration of 23 mothers from around the NBA, today MPBP is open to mothers of players in the WNBA, the G League (the NBA’s version of the minor league), and professional leagues abroad. Early members included the mothers of Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Vince Carter, and Shaquille O’Neal. Current members include the mothers of today’s stars such as Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade. MPBP is made up of about 100 mothers, each of whom pays annual dues of $300.
Jason Kidd is widely (and rightly) regarded as the Nets’ savior when it comes to legitimizing the former New Jersey residents as a credible N.B.A. franchise. Yet the standout moment of his Hall of Fame induction speech might have been the teaser Kidd dropped about the time his life was saved by his agent — literally. At the podium inside Symphony Hall in Springfield, Mass., last Friday night, Kidd only shared a snippet about his longtime representative, Jeff Schwartz, coming to his rescue in the ocean on a long-ago trip to Mexico.
It happened during the summer of 2004, according to Kidd, not long after he had undergone microfracture surgery on his left knee. Kidd and Schwartz had rented a boat to sample the ocean on a trip to Cabo San Lucas with family and friends, only to encounter some rough waters that day. “We probably shouldn’t have been out there,” Kidd says now. But they couldn’t resist. Kidd recalls “floating in the water out there” without incident until one of the foam noodles he was clutching got away from him. Kidd swam to retrieve it and soon found himself under attack by a Portuguese man o’ war — without realizing what was happening. “I thought I was having a heart attack,” Kidd said. “Every time I tried to move to get away, it electrocuted me.”
But Schwartz, once alerted to Kidd’s distress, swam over and managed to extricate him from the fish. The agent then wrapped his wounded client in what Kidd described as “a headlock” and ushered him to safety. Kidd said he managed to emerge from the ordeal with no more damage than marks and scratches on his back. “We laugh about it now, but Jeff was really messed up that night,” Kidd said. “He was so quiet. He was like, ‘You could have died.’ ” No wonder Kidd was moved to insist to Schwartz recently that he had to include the previously untold tale as part of his induction speech.
Have Jason Kidd and Byron Scott buried the hatchet? “Not really,” Byron Scott told me on today’s episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, while promoting his 5-on-5, full court, pro summer basketball league called the Primetime Basketball League. “In this day and age, you don’t get to see guys that often. One of my favorite players is Chris Paul, I don’t get a chance to see him that often. We talked to each other the other day on Facebook. But other than that, I haven’t really seen him in the last two or three years.”
The Detroit Pistons selected Hill with the third pick in the 1994 draft, and he was an immediate sensation. During that first year, he was the leading vote-getter for the All-Star game and shared the league’s rookie of the year award with Jason Kidd. And yet, once again, it took a while for Hill’s confidence to grow into his ability. “He was always a protocol guy,” says Doug Collins, who was Hill’s head coach in Detroit from 1995-98. “He had such respect for the guys who were older than him, especially Joe Dumars. I used to tell him that you can’t be in charge of someone else’s happiness. Not everyone is always going to happy. It was like you had to let him know it’s OK to be great.” Once Hill started to believe that, he became one of the very best players in the league. He made the All-Star game in each of his first four seasons, led the league in triple-doubles three times, won a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics, and in that same year he finished third in the MVP voting behind Karl Malone and Michael Jordan. In six seasons with the Pistons, he averaged 21.6 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.3 assists. Those are Hall of Fame numbers.
Long before the social media era, when anyone can find the next basketball star’s mixtape with a simple click, Jason Kidd was creating a buzz as a bona fide phenom even before delivering his first college basketball assist. “People don’t know, J was the first LeBron [when it came to the attention surrounding one player] coming out of high school,” fellow Oakland Bay Area native and Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton said. “He was good. Really, really good. In the Bay Area, that’s what all the talk was about — J-Kidd.”
1 year ago via ESPN
The Nets of the Kidd and Thorn era remain the organization’s zenith. Once Kidd came aboard in 2001, he led them to two consecutive NBA Finals and five consecutive winning seasons. The team had made it as far as the Eastern Conference semifinals just once in their time in the NBA until they made it five times from 2001 to 2007. It is only appropriate then that Kidd and Thorn go into the Basketball Hall of Fame together Friday, an enshrinement for one of the game’s best point guards and one of its most revered executives, but also a night that puts the Nets’ glory days into amber. “I think it’s great they’re going in together,” Barrise said. “They should go in together. Because they accomplished something I don’t think anybody else really has.”
Long before the social media era, when anyone can find the next basketball star’s mixtape with a simple click, Jason Kidd was creating a buzz as a bona fide phenom even before delivering his first college basketball assist. “People don’t know, J was the first LeBron coming out of high school,” fellow Oakland Bay Area native and Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton said. “He was good. Really, really good. In the Bay Area, that’s what all the talk was about — J-Kidd.”
1 year ago via ESPN
Finding himself at the mercy of The Glove’s legendary suffocating defense and soul-crushing trash-talking, Kidd said he was unable to score a single basket against Payton, who is five years older, during games and drills for two years. “Oh, there were tears,” Kidd told ESPN. “My parents would ask me, ‘What’s wrong?’ I would be like, I think I should pick a different sport because I am not very good at it. He wouldn’t let me score. [And] he would tell me you are not going to score … that I was soft and that I wasn’t good enough.”
1 year ago via ESPN
Kidd was asked to set the record straight on one of the NBA’s all-time juiciest rumors: R&B songstress Toni Braxton tearing apart the Mavericks’ trio and coming between Jackson and Kidd. In 1996, Braxton was promoting a new album appropriately titled “Secrets.” She only seemed to fan the flames around the Dallas beef by saying she doesn’t kiss and tell when asked about the rumored love triangle. “Not true,” Kidd said. “It was never true. Never met the woman. It was never true. It just somehow took on legs of its own and she breathed life into it and I guess that didn’t help [with the] kiss and tell, whatever she said.”
1 year ago via ESPN