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Jason Richardson
Jason Richardson
Position: -
Born: 01/20/81
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Earnings: $105,798,207 ($135,753,173*)
Jason Richardson: Well, I think Aaron Gordon has been robbed twice in a row. I might be biased, but I think the dunks he did were unseen and spectacular. He was great. I think he should be a two-time dunk contest winner. I totally believe that. It’s special what he can do. It’s special what most of these guys can do now. I was just talking to a kid yesterday who recognized me when I was working out at the gym. I was telling him how these guys are evolving. It’s just funny how evolved these guys are, how crazy they’re jumping and the tricks they’re coming up with. It’s just amazing.
Al Harrington told me that he used cannabis for pain relief after one of his surgeries late in his career rather than taking opiates. Do you think we’ll see the NBA eventually allow players to use cannabis for pain relief? Jason Richardson: My goal – and I think guys like Al and anybody else who’s involved in the cannabis industry – is not just the NBA, we want to see all sports [allow this]. Especially for football players that go through so much pain. We’re hoping it’s all sports. You need something to help your body recover, to relax, to take away the pain and I think this is the more healthy alternative to taking pills. Hopefully, the NBA will soon do that. I hear that in football, it’s being talked about right now during the negotiations with their Players’ Union and the owners. Major League Baseball is doing it. We just hope that across the board, this is [allowed] for everybody and athletes all over the world will be able to do this instead of taking the alternative of pills that could have life-long consequences.
The best of those times will be relived Sunday, with Rick Barry — the leader of the ’75 team — joined by the likes of such popular players as Chris Mullin, Jason Richardson, Marreese Speights and Floyd. T-shirts depicting the image of Oracle Arena will be given away and surely cherished. There will be a postgame ceremony on the court, with remarks from coach Steve Kerr. A limited number of fans will get the opportunity to take the floor postgame to shoot free throws or take photos with the championship trophy.
Earlier in his career, Dudley, 33, learned from veterans such as Derek Anderson with the Charlotte Bobcats and Steve Nash, Grant Hill and Jason Richardson with the Phoenix Suns. Anderson was at the end of his career and showed Dudley the importance of professionalism and how to conduct himself with coaches. Richardson’s mentality on the court in the prime of his career registered with Dudley. On the team bus and planes, Dudley spent time with Nash and Hill and picked up keys to longevity in the NBA as an older veteran. During timeouts, Dudley is usually doing lunges and squats to activate his muscles. It’s a similar routine to Nash’s from their time together in Phoenix.