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Jaxson Hayes
Jaxson Hayes
Position: F-C
Born: 05/23/00
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $4,862,040
Hart told Hayes the compliments were not “even the highlights, you just have a really good feel for the game.” Hart then asked Hayes if he “always have that, or did you get it at Texas, or was it just gradual, taking pieces from each place?” Hayes responded: ”I feel like I’ve always kinda had it because, I mean, when I was younger, I was short. My freshman year, I played point guard, sophomore year I was a stretch three, my junior year was really my first year playing big. So, I feel like that definitely helped, so I’ve always kinda had that flow to my game.”
You’ve got a promising group of young talent playing for the Pelicans this year, between you, Lonzo, Brandon Ingram, and Jaxson Hayes. What do you think this team’s ceiling is? Zion Williamson: Me being confident in my teammates, I would say I think the ceiling is [a] championship. But I have to be realistic about this. I have high expectations for us, but you gotta see how we’re gonna work.
And I know that we just got a glimpse at Zion before he went on the shelf, but I’m sure you and Aaron Nelson and the whole staff there have a conditioning plan for him. Do you have a playing weight in mind for him yet? […] David Griffin: “Yeah, I don’t know that we can determine a weight yet. Zion’s still growing. One of the things that’s lost in this whole process is that, like Jaxson Hayes, Zion is still getting taller. We’re not exactly sure what he’ll look like in the end. So a playing weight is not what you look for. What you look for is to be in top condition, to have the kind of core strength and stability that you need to control all of the incredible torque that his athleticism can generate. That’s really where Aaron Nelson and his team are going to focus their efforts, because Zion is one of those kids, like LeBron, he’s not going to lift a weight because he’ll add muscle and weight so quickly. So what you have to do with him is do everything you can from a core and stability standpoint to give him more ability to control what he already has in terms of strength and speed.”
2. New Orleans Pelicans. WAR: 77.5 | Best Under-25 Players: Lonzo Ball (29.4), Zion Williamson (22.0), Josh Hart (9.5). Unsurprisingly, Williamson projects as far and away the best rookie; he more than doubles every other 2019 draft pick except Morant in expected production over the next five seasons. But New Orleans isn’t just the Zion Show: The Pelicans have more young depth than any other team in the NBA. Beyond the trio listed above, Brandon Ingram, Jaxson Hayes, and Nickeil Alexander-Walker all project as rotation players, and more players will join them in the coming years thanks to New Orleans’s numerous future first-round picks.