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Jay Williams
Jay Williams
Position: -
Born: 09/10/81
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:194 lbs. / 88.4 kg.
Earnings: $8,713,351 ($12,261,457*)
Jay Williams: “I’m about to make a headline for you: Woj off air? Oh. My. Goodness. If I could turn that into an HBO After Dark show, it would win so many awards. He’s one of my all-time favorite people. The amount of knowledge and how he works, it’s so impressive. It’s relentless, man. I would hear insight sometimes, and it would be a little different from his insights, and he’d say, ‘Well, let’s talk this through.’ He’s very thorough. He’s always researching and fact-checking. And look, [being the top newsbreaker], that’s a lot of pressure all the time, but he handles it with such class. He’s one of the most impressive people that we have. He’s next level, and he’s a really unique person.”
ESPN reporter Malika Andrews, widely lauded for her work as a reporter inside the league’s restarted season bubble, will make her debut as the draft telecast reporter. Maria Taylor, who recently made her debut as an NFL sideline reporter, held the role in 2018 and 2019. Along with Andrews, Rece Davis will return to host ESPN’s coverage alongside a panel of analysts including Jay Bilas, Jay Williams and Mike Schmitz.

Pelicans shopping Lonzo Ball?

NBA Central: Jay Williams is hearing that Lonzo Ball may be used as a trading asset in New Orleans (🎥 Keyshawn, JWill And Zubin) pic.twitter.com/HPiUVhNLDa

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ESPN cancels Kevin Durant show

Kevin Durant’s show has been cancelled by ESPN, The Post has learned. “The Boardroom,” featuring Durant, Jay Williams and Durant’s agent Rich Kleiman, will not be renewed after being on ESPN+ for two seasons. While there are no public metrics for shows on this platform, ESPN is able to internally identify engagement and its impact on the $4.99-per-month subscription-based service.