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Jay Williams
Jay Williams
Position: -
Born: 09/10/81
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:194 lbs. / 88.4 kg.
Earnings: $8,713,351 ($12,261,457*)
“If there is one bastion of hope that we have as fans, it’s please take our mind away from what’s happening currently in the world,” Williams added. “And if the hard part for players is to play in an arena with no fans, then we have to do that. We need to do that, because us as fans, we need our superstar players to lead the effort to take our minds away from this horrific place that we’re in as a society right now.”
Storyline: Season Suspension
Wiseman cited an inability to pay back the $11,500 and the threat of potential injury as reasons for ending his college career prematurely. “It was a bit surreal because I couldn’t use a GoFundMe page that [ESPN’s] Jay Williams put out for me, obviously,” Wiseman told ESPN. “I couldn’t use any outside sources. I had to get [the money] on my own, and that was pretty impossible because I didn’t have the money. I was just a regular college student.”
Storyline: No. 1 pick
The top five projected picks per ESPN.com at this point are Memphis freshman big man James Wiseman, who has missed two exhibition games with an ankle sprain, Georgia shooting guard Anthony Edwards, point guard LaMelo Ball, now playing in Australia, North Carolina point guard Cole Anthony and Deni Avdija, a wing from Maccabi Tel Aviv. “This could be a scenario like 1997 with the Spurs when David Robinson went down and all of a sudden they had the No. 1 pick with Tim Duncan,” ESPN’s Jay Williams said on air. “I think this is projecting for them to be the favorites going into next season.”
Meanwhile, ESPN’s Jay Williams, speaking with Max Kellerman, said he’d spoken with Marks and that the Nets GM had confirmed one of the key incidents MacMullan mentioned in her story: that Irving had declined to take off his (Nets) cap during a photo shoot atop the Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai. “He did not want to take his hat off,” said Williams. “He did ask them to photoshop that. Bottom line for the ESPN commentator? “Look on the big scale of things, I think this is not a concern. All the players and the team seem to be on same page.”
ESPN’s Jay Williams, a Durant friend and a partner with Durant’s manager Rich Kleiman on “The Boardroom’’ told The Post it’s too early for the Warriors superstar to figure out what the injury means for his free-agent future. Williams has spoken with Durant since the devastating injury. “I think Kevin right now is still trying to deal with post-surgery,’’ Williams said Tuesday at a Madison Avenue Draft event. “That’s his first and foremost thing. You do what you do to your Achilles on that stage, it takes a minute to recalibrate. You can’t just go back to business. But Kevin has to make the best decision for Kevin. I’ve told him that. Rich Kleiman has told him that.”