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The 33-year-old also declined to address comments from Mills, who was the GM when they signed Noah to a $72 million deal but distanced himself from the association. “I’m not throwing Steve Mills under the bus. Or talking s–t about him. I’m not talking s–t about Hornacek. That’s not my style. I take ownership in what I did, what I could have done better. And I know that there was 10 things that went wrong that year. But it is what it is, I’m in Memphis. And the Memphis Grizzlies beat the New York Knicks tonight.”
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Noah would not confirm, deny or provide any new details as to why he and Hornacek had to be restrained from fighting last year, saying that “it’s in the past.” However, two sources with direct knowledge of Noah’s blow-up with Hornacek revealed that Noah had been upset one night earlier after playing just four minutes and 20 seconds in a 123-112 loss to the Golden State Warriors. Noah, who had been told that he would get significant time after being held out of the previous 10 games, entered the Warriors game for the first time with 10:09 remaining and the Knicks trailing 100-90. He was replaced by Enes Kanter with 5:38 left to play and the Knicks down 110-94. As Hornacek pulled Noah, he vented his frustration at the coach before taking a seat on the bench.
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