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Jermaine O'Neal
Jermaine O'Neal
Position: -
Born: 10/13/78
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:242 lbs. / 109.8 kg.
Earnings: $168,794,021 ($216,734,473*)
Lamar Odom and some other ex-NBA players were cut from the BIG3 basketball league this week, the league said Wednesday. Odom — along with Baron Davis, Bonzi Wells and Jermaine O’Neal — will not play for the remainder of BIG3’s third season so the league can “maximize competition, protect the health of players and raise the level of professionalism of BIG3,” the league said in a statement.
“I was just in China this past October, and there were Indiana Pacers jerseys,” O’Neal said. “Everything about me was established as a Pacer, so that will always be special to me. That city and organization will always be special to me. “When I look at the NBA Finals — and I typically don’t look at too much playoff basketball until the finals — I always go back to thinking how it would have felt to win it as a Pacer.”
Stephen Jackson was a central figure in one of the most infamous events in NBA history, and the former player has lent his voice to a documentary about it. Jackson, Metta World Peace, and Jermaine O’Neal are in the process of putting together a documentary about 2004’s Malice at the Palace, he confirmed to theScore’s Joseph Casciaro on the “Pound The Rock” podcast. “There’s a lot of stuff that went on that people don’t know,” Jackson said. “There’s so much to the story … we can walk people through everything.”
But then Jermaine O’Neal pauses to collect his thoughts and it’s clear much has changed when he begins to speak. His perspective broadens, much like what has occurred off the court since he retired four years ago and dedicated his time to his family, community and business. “You become older, you become more mature,” O’Neal says. “Professional sports is a monster. It’s not even real life. It’s one of the few things in life, the economy goes bad, you still get your money. You’re not going to get fired, you’re not going to get laid off and these checks are so gigantic your mindset becomes that. I was able to learn a lot.”
O’Neal has been paying the goodwill forward ever since. He has difficulty remembering exactly how many Church’s Chicken franchises he has invested in (about 32), the location of the two-star resorts he has helped flip into five-star destinations (Napa Valley and Cabo San Lucas), the number of companies he’s invested with in the Bay Area (about 10, including Athos Global Technology with Golden State co-owner Joe Lacob), the location of Hash House A Go Go (Plano) or the name of another business (Tropical Smoothie Café). “He was always a thoughtful guy,” says Golden State General Manager Bob Myers, the architect of the Warriors’ championship dynasty who used to be O’Neal’s co-agent. “He had a passion for life, for basketball, for business. He was always very intentional about anything he was doing.”
Jermaine O’Neal: @tmac213 we have been knowing each other as competitors for years and had some incredible battles! But most importantly we have been friends/brothers that has gone way beyond the playing surface! I just heard that you got the call for making the hall of fame which is incredible news! Bro I’m extremely proud of you for what you have done on and off the court! Keep being great my brother and let’s keep pushing each other in this thing called life! #2017HOFCLASS #AllTimeGreat
Storyline: Hall of Fame Selections
6x NBA All-Star Jermaine O’Neal will return to the court this summer in the inagural season of the BIG3. Alongside Bonzi Wells, he will Captain the team TRI-STATE. In the upcoming BIG3 Combine, the two men will work together to select 3 additional players to fill out the team. In the BIG3, there are no outside owners, so O’Neal and Wells will guide the formation of the team along with their coach.
Jermaine O’Neal: “The champ”! What this man stood for and represented can’t be put into words! He was one of the few athletes that was willing to stand up for what he thought was right no matter what the consequences were and for that I always admired and looked up to him. He was a true leader in the ring, in the community, and for the African American race. I feel incredibly blessed to have met and talk to Mr Ali. The world has truly lost a iconic legend and he will be missed…. R.I.P CHAMP!!!
Still, O’Neal was torn. For years, he’d told his family he was going to put them first. O’Neal didn’t meet his father until his third season in the NBA, and then only briefly developed a relationship. Now, he was coaching his eight-year-old son’s basketball team. Asjia had recovered from open heart surgery and was a rising star in volleyball, a 6’3″ middle blocker. He worried about the impact of leaving. “Physically, I could have done it. Mentally, no. My son and my family asked me not to, and that was the trump card. At the time, my son was saying, ‘Hey Dad, I need you.’ That did something to me. I was seeing changes in my son, he became more angry. And for a guy who didn’t meet his dad until seven years ago myself, I understood what it meant not to have a dad there.”
Jermaine O’Neal: The best part of this process was walking out of the gym after every workout knowing that I could still play the game after 18 long years and hearing the teams that seen me workout all agreeing with that statement. Every team that wanted me to sign are all championship contending teams and in order to except their offer i need to be 100% ready to go physically and mentally from the time that I sign that contract with no room for error beyond that point. I don’t feel like I’m at that position now with just 7 weeks of training and I’m not comfortable making that commitment at this point. The issue for me is timing and things feeling right. I’m a true believer of signs and listening and understanding life. I’m not sure if there will ever be another time or not for me and basketball but what I do know at this moment is the time isn’t right for me to play now. But just know I gave everything I had these last 7 weeks and I greatly appreciate each and every one of you guys for the positive words of encouragement thru my process…
Question: We keep hearing the names of O’Neal…Blatche and Stoudamire……who has the best chance of coming here and why? Eddie Sefko: Jermaine is pretty much a given. The Mavericks are pretty sure he wants to join them. It’s just a matter of when. They would have liked to have had him two weeks ago. But they’ll take him when they can get him. At this point, the only thing surprising would be if he didn’t join the Mavericks. Stoudemire has a few more issues, with the buyout and whether or not he’d want to go somewhere else. Wait and see. And, if you haven’t heard,, the Mavericks are preparing to bring in Bernard James on a 10-day contract so that they have an extra big body against Utah on Wednesday.
In the short term, sources said, Dallas is actively searching for a big man worthy of a 10-day contract to bolster its frontcourt while O’Neal continues to try to get himself NBA-ready via private workouts in the Dallas suburb of Southlake. reported last month that the Mavericks were confident they would ultimately fend off interest from the Portland Trail Blazers and other contending teams and win the race to sign O’Neal, but adding the 18-year veteran — once he fully commits to coming back — is now expected after the All-Star break.
As for O’Neal, it’s completely his call. It’s a little surprising he hasn’t already signed. I mean, every game that goes by is that much less in his paycheck, right? But the man’s made plenty of money in his career, so he’s earned the right to sign when he’s good and ready. Again, I could see it happening in the next week or so, but certainly by the time the All-Star break is done. If it hasn’t happened by then, then I’d start to worry. The only shocking thing in this will be if he does NOT sign with the Mavericks.
There is interest from other teams around the league, and the Mavericks are making sure they keep tabs on the waiver wire and the possibility of some players whose seasons will end soon in China who could return to the NBA. But O’Neal, 36, is the No. 1 target, the source said. The window is open as long as needed for O’Neal to make a decision on when to return, but the most likely scenario is that he would join the Mavericks sometime between now and the All-Star break, which begins Feb. 12.
O’Neal has the Mavericks’ offer to join them whenever he makes the decision to resume his playing career. He’s been sitting out this season, but he has been working out and going through treatments to get himself into game-ready condition. The Mavericks, a source said, still feel confident about their chances of landing the 6-11 O’Neal, who has played 18 NBA seasons. They have held a roster spot open specifically for him.

Blazers chasing Jermaine O'Neal

The Portland Trail Blazers have joined the race to try to convince former All-Star center Jermaine O’Neal to play one more NBA season at age 36, according to league sources. Sources told that the Blazers, who drafted O’Neal out of high school in 1996 and employed him for his first four NBA seasons before a career-changing trade to Indiana, have made overtures to O’Neal about returning to the Pacific Northwest to bolster their hobbled front line in the wake of recent injuries suffered by Robin Lopez (hand) and Joel Freeland (shoulder).
The Dallas Mavericks are widely regarded as the front-runners for O’Neal’s services should he decide to play, given that O’Neal has made the Dallas area his offseason home base in recent years. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers also are known suitors for O’Neal, who began this season focused on spending time with family and off-court business interests after a successful 2013-14 campaign with Golden State.
Owner Mark Cuban said that Chandler’s injury does nothing to change the timetable the Mavericks are looking at for finding another big man. “When we get the right guy, we’ll get the right guy,” Cuban said. “No rush.” Asked specifically about O’Neal, Cuban said: “I don’t know if he wants to come here. (There are) a lot of decisions to be made before then.”
Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson expressed confidence that Dallas would soon bolster its bench with the addition of Jermaine O’Neal or Josh Smith. The Mavs, who are searching to replace traded backup center Brandan Wright in their rotation, are among several teams who have expressed interest in O’Neal and Smith, a pair of high-profile available veterans. “I feel pretty good that we’ll be able to come to terms with one,” Nelson said Tuesday on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM. “Certainly to come up with both would be just hitting a grand slam home run. Look, there’s a long line for suitors on both fronts.
Jermaine O’Neal: So I know it’s been some talk about if I will play again or not and if so then what team will I choose. So I thought I would speak on this. For 18 long years sports has dominated my families life to a point that they have had to sacrifice things that was important to them. So you can believe now whatever decision I make will be a pure family decision that my family will have a huge part on making with me. Do I still love the game of basketball? Yes without a doubt! Can I physically still play?Probably better than 60% of the bigs in the league today! That’s not a knock on anyone but more about how I feel. My decision will not be based off any personal relationships with a cityor organization which will be tuff because of the love I got for them. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to play for some great coaches, organizations, and cites and I will always have love for them! But I love my family more than I love life itself and they will have the final say on my playing career or the closing of my bball career! I will say this, if the decision is to play I promise you that when I hit the court I will be ready physically and mentally to help a team!
Woven Digital, a publisher of fast-growing pop culture news and entertainment sites which include UPROXX and BroBible, today announced that it has raised $18 million in Series A financing led by Institutional Venture Partners (IVP). Also participating are Advancit Capital, The San Francisco 49ers, United Talent Agency, senior partners from leading entertainment law firm Ziffren Brittenhanm LLP, MySpace and SGN co-founder Chris DeWolfe, Buddy Media co-founder Mike Lazerow, and former NBA players Baron Davis and Jermaine O’Neal. IVP Principal Somesh Dash will join Woven’s board of directors.
Jermaine O’Neal: My biggest issue now is I’m not sure what team to cheer for as a new fan? Or is it ok to have multiple teams? What do yall think? A lot of memories in some many great cities this is going to be a tuff decision. But I can say If I don’t do well with this “being a fan” thing then I will think about playing again this year! To be continued on this! But as of right now I’m enjoying working out, being a business man, watching my daughter volleyball games, and training my son! Perfect.
The Warriors won’t look to re-sign center Jermaine O’Neal to fill their open roster spot, according to general manager Bob Myers, who two days earlier had left the door open to such a move. “He’s not going to come to (training) camp,” Myers, who is O’Neal’s former agent, said Thursday. “We’re going to go with our guys, our three centers we have — (Andrew) Bogut, (Festus) Ezeli, (Ognjen) Kuzmic. I think he’s still processing what he wants to do, still in the process of figuring it out. But for our purposes, he’s not going to be with us…He probably won’t be with us next year. The reason is nothing detrimental in regards to him, but we just have three guys that we have at the position, so he’d (have been) the fourth center, so that’s more why. Nothing negative. He was fantastic for us last year.”
Fitness apparel maker Athos has raised $12.2 million in funding, with Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob and player Jermaine O’Neal joining in the round. The Redwood City company founded by Dhananja Jayalath, Christopher Wiebe and Chamath Palihapitiya said the Series B round was led by DCM and included True Ventures as a new investor. Existing investor Social + Capital Partnership also participated.
Warriors center Jermaine O’Neal said he planned to play Saturday in Game 7 against the Los Angeles Clippers after an MRI exam revealed a bone bruise in his right kneecap. O’Neal said he had yet to run since getting injured in Thursday’s 100-99 win in Game 6 on a collision with the Clippers’ Glen Davis. But after taking medication and receiving a painkilling injection, he said he would probably wear a knee brace and play through pain he currently felt.