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Joakim Noah
Joakim Noah
Position: C
Born: 02/25/85
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:227 lbs. / 103 kg.
Salary: $6,813,026
Gratitude to be working during a time when he said “there’s not a lot of hope.” Gratitude for the opportunity to again inspire, playing the game he loves. Gratitude for his basketball career breathing another life. Gratitude for the opportunity to compete for a championship with the team that, just under three weeks away from the restart, owns the third-best record (44-20) and title odds in the league. “I feel really blessed to be in this situation. In September, I had a freak accident and cut my achilles,” Noah said, referencing an incident in which he sliced his achilles — crucially, not rupturing it — while carrying a steel ice tub, which required six-plus months of rehab. “And you know I told myself that’s just not how I wanted to end my career. So the day after the surgery I was in the gym working out, with the hope of making this team.”
“He looks great,” said Clippers coach Doc Rivers. “I don’t know if this stoppage has helped any single player more than him, because he was not healthy when we signed him, and now he is. And so, you know, I think he’s gonna help us on the floor, but even if he doesn’t, he’s just gonna help us with his presence, and his voice. I think he’ll be invaluable for Zu(bac).”

10-day players to hit free agency

Keith Smith: Per a league source: All players who were on 10 Day contracts will be free agents when the season resumes. This adds another 8 free agents to the available pool. Only Anthony Tolliver (MEM) & Joakim Noah (LAC) were with teams that are part of the re-start at Walt Disney World.
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10-day players to hit free agency

Keith Smith: Per a league source: All players who were on 10 Day contracts will be free agents when the season resumes. This adds another 8 free agents to the available pool. Only Anthony Tolliver (MEM) & Joakim Noah (LAC) were with teams that are part of the re-start at Walt Disney World.
This rumor is part of a storyline: 50 more rumors
Another team that might want to consider Cousins would be the Los Angeles Clippers. They still have Joakim Noah on an unfortunately named 10-day contract that dates back to March 9. With the NBA freezing rosters a few days later, Noah is still on that same temporary contract. If he can earn his keep, he would give the Clippers a defensive-minded option inside, which may be more valuable than what Cousins might bring as a scoring big man.
Below, read an excerpt from “I’ll Show You,” in which Rose’s love and appreciation for Noah the basketball player and man is evident: “The closest teammate I’ve had-other than Randall in high school-was Joakim Noah, and that’s where Arthur Ashe comes in again. A lot of people don’t mess with Joakim because they think there’s some bad shit that comes with him or just how outspoken he is or whatever. For me, I can respect that, knowing everything about him, like for him to be who he is and act the way he is. It’s an amazing story behind it. I actually want my son PJ to grow up to be like Joakim. You know, a free spirit, a loving guy. Joakim loves people. He’s just a great role model. And his story is special.”
Noah knew Thibodeau was close with Doc Rivers, whom Thibodeau has stayed with for weeks at a time in Los Angeles. He also knew Donovan has a friendly relationship with Clippers president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank dating back to their college coaching days in the 90s. “I was like, ‘Can you please call?’” Noah said. “I wanted to be on the Clippers.” Noah even contacted friends of Austin Rivers, hoping Austin could get through to his dad. The full-court press was on. Noah was reported to be linked to other opportunities, including Dallas and Denver, but his internal commitment to the Clippers never swayed.
All Noah wanted was a workout with the Clippers and a shot to earn their 15th roster spot. He knew that, even if he didn’t play, he could help the locker room with his leadership and experience. The workout went well — or so Noah thought – but after a week passed, he didn’t hear anything. And then another week passed. Crickets. There was no update. Then out of the blue in early March, he received a phone call from the Clippers. “I got the call like, ‘Can you come to L.A.?’” Noah said. “I packed my bags and I’ve been here since.”
Noah is far from discouraged. He is determined to be ready for the NBA’s restart and believes putting on the Clippers’ uniform will give him a legitimate shot to earn the championship that has eluded him during his 13-year pro career. “I think it’s just it’s all about perspective and how you look at it,” Noah told The Athletic last week over the phone. “Even though it was a setback, I think it also makes me appreciate the opportunity that much more, you know?”
“Just introduced myself and just talked about the season and stuff that I do when I’m in the game, how I can do some stuff better, about playoffs, about matchups in the playoffs, about how everything changes in the playoffs,” Zubac said. “He’s been through a lot in this league and he’s got a lot of experience. “So, me being my fourth year and I’ve only been in the playoffs one round, it’s definitely going to help me to hear from him. What to do, how’s it going to be because he plays my position and he’s been deep into the playoffs.”
“I just want to talk to (Zubac) about some of the things that I’ve been through,” Noah said. “I’ve been in situations where we had championship aspirations and then injuries kind of derailed that. So it’s just not taking your opportunities for granted. And just because you’re a young player doesn’t mean that these situations happen all the time. So it’s just like really living in the moment. “And it’s not just talking about it — I’m a player who’s been through that.”
Since there is a pause on all roster transactions across the league, the 10-day contract Noah signed remains in effect one month later. That has left the former defensive player of the year able to work into shape under the supervision of the team’s medical and performance staffs. “It’s been great for him,” Rivers said. “There are certain individuals who this rest period, or whatever this is called, has been a benefit, and Jo is one of them for sure because he’s got a chance now to get healthy, and to get in shape and that will be a factor for him. He will be a guy that will be able to help us.”
Joakim Noah’s neighbors may be pleased to learn that the former Knicks star has signed with a team on the other side of the country. Page Six is told that residents in his luxury West Side condo building had asked for Noah to be banned from the building’s shared gym because he turned it into his own makeshift NBA training facility while he was a free agent. Sources say that Noah and his similarly giant pals even brought in a personal trainer, who’d blast a whistle when it was time to move between exercises.
With the Celtics up about 30 points in garbage time, the former Chicago Bulls big man said he worked up the courage to start a conversation with Garnett about trainer Joe Abunassar, whom they’d both worked out with. “I remember asking him a question about, like ‘You going to work out with Joe?’ I was just trying to be cool,” Noah explained. “I just wanted to say something to my idol, and he just looked over like, ‘Yo, who the (expletive) you talking to? Who the (expletive) do you think you’re talking to?’”

Chandler Parsons: I was always cool with Blake Griffin. He was in the league before me. Even this past summer, I hired his entire strength team and we trained together accordingly. Joakim Noah was one of the guys I trained with every day in the summer. That’s pretty much our group and then we’ll go to different workouts, different pickups like UCLA or pickups at West L.A. College and have our team already. Do you know how Noah is doing these days? I know that he had some serious injury that kept him sidelined for a bit. Chandler Parsons: He’s good. You can tell he’s been working out. He’s the type of guy that works so hard that he’ll be back. During the deadline and during the buyout season, somebody will pick him up. He’ll be a key part for, hopefully, a contender.
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