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Joe Harris
Joe Harris
Position: G
Born: 09/06/91
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:215 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $7,666,667
“I have news for the Nets,” said Zach Lowe on his podcast. “They’re going to have competition for Joe Harris. These teams with cap room all view Joe as a potential very good fit on the floor and a good culture guy.” […] “I think Harris may have even more of an market because teams trust their defense more. He’s more sort of positionally fluid on defense. I think the Nets are going to have to pay like $15 million per year to keep Joe Harris.”
1 week ago via RealGM
Storyline: Joe Harris Free Agency
Keeping Harris will not be cheap. Bobby Marks of ESPN has estimated that if the Nets don’t make a major move prior to signing him, signing Harris to a contract starting at $12 million, a 50 percent upgrade from his current deal, the Nets are looking at a luxury tax of $50 million, fifth highest ever. Add in the $5.7 million MLE every fan seemingly wants to use and the $2.4 million guarantee a first round pick would bring and you’re testing historic limits. (The Nets hold the record —$90.6 million— paid after the 2013-14 season.)
The Nets interviewed Bane back in April, when teams were permitted to speak with draft prospects. And with Brooklyn holding the No. 19 pick, the 6-foot-5, 215-pound wing could be the perfect sweet-shooting support for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. “I believe I’m their first interview as well. It was very early on, and the interest was significant,” Bane said Wednesday via Zoom. “I spoke with the Nets very early on in the process, and the interview went great. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are going to be huge focal points of the team, so you’ve got to have guys like Joe Harris who can run around off screens and occupy defenses and make shots away from the ball.
There are other teams with space such as Charlotte or Minnesota, with the Timberwolves having a very Nets-like profile (hoisting the third-most 3s at 39.7 per game) with assistant GM Gianluca Pascucci. But a source said there has been interest in Harris sign-and-trades, with capped-out teams like the 76ers or Warriors being potential fits.
Joe Harris wants to return to Brooklyn. The Nets — from general manager Sean Marks to new coach Steve Nash — want the same thing. Making it happen is another thing altogether. Harris is an unrestricted free agent, one who Marks has called the Nets’ top priority. And he’s expected to have plenty of suitors this offseason. “He ticks a lot of boxes for any team,” said a league source.
Storyline: Joe Harris Free Agency