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Joe Ingles
Joe Ingles
Position: F
Born: 10/02/87
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:209 lbs. / 94.8 kg.
Salary: $10,363,637
Ingles can talk trash with the best of them, and it gets him going, but Mitchell turned his indignation into aggression for the Utah Jazz. “Somebody said something to Joe, and I’m gonna be honest, Joe gave an answer that I hadn’t heard in a while,” Mitchell said without revealing details. “It just fired me up, and when Joe gets angry, I get angry. … That’s really what turned the tide.” Mitchell scored 14 of his season-high 42 points in the fourth quarter, and the Jazz beat the Kings 128-112 on Saturday night, extending their franchise-record home winning streak to 24 games.
Mike Conley noticed a flock of geese in the distance, but didn’t think much of it. Delta flight 8944 took off from runway 35 on the east side of the airport. Just 10 minutes into the climb—before the comfort of cruising altitude: BANG, BANG, BANG. “What the f— was that? What just hit the plane?” Georges Niang said to Joe Ingles, in the next seat. Turbulence doesn’t sound like that. Niang’s brain scrambled to make any sense of it. What sounded like that? His initial thought: a rocket.
The plane took a hard left, bending toward the decimated engine. Niang thought: Are we going down? Across the Boeing 757-232, everyone grabbed phones to call loved ones. One problem: no service. WiFi hadn’t been flicked on because the plane hadn’t risen to 10,000 feet. Too high for phone service. Too low for WiFi. Niang’s teammates and staffers yelled desperately for the flight attendants to turn on WiFi. Niang thought about Ingles, who has a wife and young twins, a boy and a girl. Some players managed to reach loved ones through iMessage.
Larsen, who is 29, is one of two Utah Jazz beat writers at the Salt Lake Tribune. Thanks partly to his formative years as a TrueHoop Network blogger, Larsen asks tough questions without letting delicacy get in the way. Joe Ingles has blocked Larsen on Twitter. After a Jazz loss to the Pelicans this month, Larsen asked Donovan Mitchell why he missed so many dunks. “His charm is that he lacks all social tact,” said Ben Anderson, who covers the Jazz for