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Jonathan Isaac
Jonathan Isaac
Position: F
Born: 10/03/97
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Salary: $5,806,440
Without fail, six days a week, Mondays through Saturdays, he visits the Orlando Magic practice facility to rehabilitate his surgically repaired left knee. “This is just what I have to do for now, but there will come a time when I play again,” Isaac told The Athletic in his first interview since he tore the ACL and meniscus cartilage nearly three months ago.
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“I still have hope. I still have a purpose. I still have a job that I go to and take care of business. But it’s definitely been my faith that has kept me encouraged and kept me going and the people that I’ve surrounded myself with and keep me lifted up. It’s been swift. I really have no complaints about my rehab process. I feel like my rehab process so far — and I know I still have so much to go — has been second to none in terms of getting through it and my mindset in just getting through it. I haven’t been down. I haven’t been upset. I’m just taking it in stride and moving forward and believing and knowing that God has more for me and this is just a process. This is a part of the journey.”
At the time, Isaac’s stance was interpreted by some onlookers as a protest against the Black Lives Matter movement. Isaac said he was trying to promote his Christian beliefs and offer those beliefs as a solution to racial injustice — and was not attempting to denigrate Black Lives Matter. “Everybody’s about solutions,” Isaac said. “People were kneeling and people were wearing the T-shirt. And I completely respect that. That is (people’s) answer or that is a portion of (people) going about rectifying a problem or answering this situation.
While there have been a few high profile injuries — such as Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons’ partial dislocation of his left knee and Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac’s torn ACL — players so far have settled into the groove without a spike in injuries, subverting the expectations of some health experts. “I think, up to this point, I would have imagined more,” Dr. Michael Terry, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, said. “That’s a testament to these guys really working to maintain their fitness to be ready, but I would’ve expected more than we’ve seen. It’s still early.”