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Jordan Poole
Jordan Poole
Position: G
Born: 06/19/99
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $1,964,760
Jordan Poole isn’t about to give up on his dream date. The Warriors rookie shot his shot five days ago, and now he’s going to try to get that date with actress-singer Zendaya. “We’re about to see,” Poole told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Logan Murdock on Saturday at the House of Highlights camp in Hayward. Earlier this week, Klay Thompson’s girlfriend, Laura Harrier, posted cute Instagram photos of the couple in London. Zendaya, who is from Oakland, commented on the post. That’s when Poole slid into the comments and tried to score a date with Zendaya.
The Warriors’ pre-draft intel suggested the Spurs were interested in taking Jordan Poole with the 29th pick. Poole can confirm such whispers. He’d worked out in San Antonio in the weeks leading up to the draft and had been given hints of their strong attraction. “I was really preparing for 29,” Poole said. The Clippers, at pick 27, were on the clock. Poole figured his moment was only about 10 minutes away. It actually arrived sooner. His phone buzzed. The Warriors were on the other line. They were taking him at pick 28. “Beyond excited,” Poole said recently. “It’s as good as it gets, man.”
Did you think 28 was even a possibility? Jordan Poole: I came into the entire draft process thinking first round. I didn’t think otherwise. First round. First round. First round. That’s all I was thinking in workouts. You got people who make the mock drafts, what intel do they really know? They’re not in these workouts. You can only accumulate the knowledge that you have from other social media outlets. So I’m like, OK, if you don’t have me on the board, you don’t. But you’re not in the workouts. I was able to prove myself in workouts.