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Jose Calderon former Spanish player also talked about EuroLeague players in the NBA, admitting that the US teams look to European basketball more and more. “We already know it’s not the same to score 15 points in the Euroleague and in the NBA. We are aware of the level there. If you have succeeded in the EuroLeague, you will have a chance in the NBA.” “Then it depends on the role, the physicality, the rhythm… NBA is not easy. Some players like Gaby Deck or Facundo Campazzo may not fit here for different reasons, but they can have amazing careers in Europe,” continued Calderon.
But part of it is human nature. It’s the same thing that caused the housing bubble. You buy stuff you can’t really afford right now because you believe you’ll get that promotion, that pay bump — that next contract. Jose Calderon says he saw this far too often during his playing days. “The problem with some of the guys is they think too much about the second contract. ‘When I sign the second contract, I’ll be set,’” Calderon said. “You have to be living by what you have in your first contract. That’s all you have. There is nothing else signed.”