Jose Calderon Rumors

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Keith Langlois: You didn’t have a lot to work with in free agency, yet you wound up satisfying some critical needs. Glenn Robinson, it looks like, will be in the rotation at minimum and the two veterans, Jose Calderon and Zaza, are the kind of guys who find ways to help even if they’re not playing. How critical was it for you to add those two for what they might mean for leadership and presence as much as for what they can still contribute as players? Dwane Casey: Huge. Big time. I see both of them contributing because of Jose’s 3-point shooting. He did a great job in Cleveland last year and to get those guys, Ed and his staff did a great job of what we had to work with as far as our cap is concerned. They did a great job of plucking those guys off and getting the guys who are really going to help us.

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Former Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Jose Calderon’s became the victim of a burglary while he was in his native Spain, according to Avon Lake police and the 36-year-old point guard. Calderon, who signed with the Detroit Pistons following the Cavs’ loss in the 2018 NBA Finals, lived on Lake Road while he played for the Cavs. […] “It was nothing too bad,” Calderon said in a phone interview with “Most of my stuff is here with me in Spain.”