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Juan Hernangomez
Juan Hernangomez
Position: F
Born: 09/28/95
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $3,321,029
Despite a slow start and a bad shooting night, Spain managed to get a 73-65 win over Iran in Group C of FIBA World Cup. Spain won all three of its games so far and stayed at the top of the group while Iran lost all three and finished last. Puerto Rico (2-1) got the better of Tunisia (1-2) earlier today and advanced further. Marc Gasol led the winning side with 16 points while Victor Claver and Juancho Hernangomez added 11 each. The latter also grabbed ten rebounds for a double-double.
Storyline: World Cup
Russia put on a strong third quarter against Spain and recorded a convincing 74-55 win in the last prep game for the two teams in front of the 2019 FIBA World Cup in China. […] Despite the loss, Spain’s Willy Hernangomez stole the spotlight with game-high 26 points while his brother Juancho Hernangomez helped with 12 points. Marc Gasol didn’t play due to stomach problems while Rudy Fernandez rested.
The Spanish star also revealed how his teammate reacted to Nuggets‘ elimination after a rather impressive run in the season. “In the game that left us out of the playoffs, he finished with almost 20 rebounds. After the end, he started crying in the dressing room blaming himself for the elimination and that’s hard. These things show how much he loves basketball and that the best is all yet to come. He is, possibly, the best talent I have seen in my life”, Juancho told the Spanish media.
It is the first time in Doncic’s life, since he took up basketball at age 7, that he has experienced losing. One hint of how well he’s coping with it: Doncic has pulled his jersey apart in frustration after a play gone awry — twice. “It’s harder than people think,” Doncic said. “He’s a winner — he won everything in Europe,” Juancho Hernangomez of the Denver Nuggets said. “So every time he loses, he gets so mad.”
The Nuggets are now 7-1, their best start since they went 8-0 to open the 1976-77 season. “When Juancho plays, he plays extremely hard,” Malone said. “You know what you’re going to get, and tonight we saw the best of Juancho.” The Nuggets this week picked up the fourth-year options for Hernangomez, Beasley and Jamal Murray, their three first-round picks in 2016. The option for Murray was a no-brainer. He’s the team’s starting point guard, has played in all but one game in his career and carries future All-Star potential. He will be a candidate for an extension next fall as the Nuggets continue to build around their young core.
Then Malone turned to Hernangomez, whose contributions to Wednesday’s victory didn’t show up in the final line. “I even singled (Hernangomez) out last night the locker room in Chicago,” Malone said. “Every huddle, he didn’t play the whole night, but every huddle he was in the game, supporting his teammates. And that’s really big, that’s mature. And tonight, I knew we’d need him. Didn’t know he’d have the night that he had, but we need his energy on the second night of a back-to-back.”
“Then he started coming down with a little bit of a cold, and we did blood work and it came back that he had mononucleosis. … It’s really unfortunate.” Malone said. “He had such a good year for us as a rookie last year. And he could be out for a couple of weeks; that infection obviously is tricky. Hopefully he is able to get the rest he needs to get his body back under control. And then, hopefully when he is healthy, we’ll see that Juancho that we all came to love last year, who was just boundless energy. We haven’t seen that guy yet because of this infection and how hard he worked the whole summer.”
Storyline: Juan Hernangomez Injury
Denver Nuggets reserve forward Juancho Hernangomez has been diagnosed with mononucleosis, league sources told The Denver Post on Tuesday. Hernangomez, a second-year player out of Spain, was officially ruled out of Monday’s loss to the Wizards with an undisclosed illness and did not travel with the team for Wednesday’s contest at Charlotte. Symptoms for mono, which include fatigue, sore throat and fever, typically last four-to-six weeks.
“Being the next Gasols is impossible,” Juancho added. “Just like being the next Juan Carlos Navarro is impossible. And [the Gasols] are the two best players at FIBA EuroBasket. Pau is 37-year-old and still one of the best players in Europe. He’s like a big teacher or a big brother to all of us. It’s impossible to be like Gasol.”
2 years ago via FIBA
There is one key difference with the two pairs of brothers. The Gasols are Barcelona’s finest. But Guillermo Gustavo Willy and Juan Alberto Juancho are Madridistas. The rivalry is intense, albeit only when the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona soccer teams meet each other. “For sure! My brother and I are Madrid fans, Real Madrid fans, and Gasol brothers – they are FC Barcelona fans. The soccer teams played a match two or three weeks ago in Madrid, the Spanish Supercup, and Madrid beat Barcelona easily. So after the game, my brother and I were crazy, like, yelling ‘Hala, Madrid!’ and ‘Let’s go, Madrid!’ The Gasol brothers were mad at us. But it is what it is,” said Willy smiling, as he thought back to the 5-1 on aggregate Real win.
2 years ago via FIBA
Against Romania, Pau Gasol was rested, but the bottom line for Spain was the same. The defending Eurobasket champs got an impressive win. Every player of Spain did his job when he was on the court, however, Juancho Hergnangomez was more than impressive with a double-double (20 p., 11 r.), proving that the next generation of the Spanish national team is ready to continue the team’s tradition of dominance.
Storyline: Eurobasket
Our very own Juancho Hernangomez is suited up to compete in the European league, Eurobasket, with his home country of Spain. Juancho gets to share this moment with his brother Guillermo “Willy” Hernangomez of the New York Knicks who will also play for the Spanish national team. Juancho and Willy are very close, and today Juancho shared a special note from his brother as they get ready to head into competition together.
“I’m proud that we are compared with the Gasols,” Hernangomez said to Marca. “It’s not usual and I don’t think it’s going to happen again. It’s going to be very difficult to match or do something close to what they have done. My brother and I are starting on our road. It’s my brother’s first year here with the national team and, well, we want to work hard. Give everything to Spain. So that in the future, when they talk about brothers in the national team, they will remember us as well.”
Juancho Hernangomez was just trying to understand the American style of basketball a year ago, how the NBA worked and what the rules were. But now, coming into his second season with the Denver Nuggets, the Spainard feels right at home. “It’s completely different,” Hernangomez said. “Everything was a new thing (last year). Right now, I’ve got one year’s experience. I feel like I’m a better player, I feel like my groove is going on.”
When you make it to Denver and you get to practice with Nikola Jokic, is it obvious to you that he’s going to be the franchise player or did his sophomore season catch you by surprise? Juan Hernangomez: From Day 1, I was in shock with Nikola Jokic. Honestly, he’s the biggest talent I’ve seen in my life. When he improves physically and gets more ready for a full NBA season, he’s going to be so, so good. He’s our franchise player. He can give you 20 points and 20 rebounds, he will shoot threes, he can give you 12-15 assists. When the ball goes through him and he has a good day, our team has very good chances of winning. We really need him for next year.
I saw you retweeted Shaq’s tweet on the Big Baller Brand of the Ball family. Coming from a basketball family yourself, what’s your take on the Balls and the things they are doing? Juan Hernangomez: (Laughs) I have a personal take on this that I’m not willing to share. What I can say is all they’re trying to do is draw attention and get a big audience. [Lonzo Ball] has proved nothing yet, although he may have a bright future. I don’t think his family’s approach is right, but you have to respect it. When he’s in the NBA, we’ll be waiting for him.
“My goal is to play with the national team for a lot of years,” Abrines said. “I want to be a solid player for the team. The Gasol generation is just amazing and there are a lot of young talents coming up in the national team. The Hernangomez (Willy and Juancho) brothers for example, who can be the new Gasols and help us stay among the top teams of the world. I know that we are going to suffer a little bit when (Pau) Gasol and Navarro and all of those guys quit playing for the national team, but I think we also have young talents.”
At 3 o’clock Sunday morning, 12 or 13 family members of Juancho and Willy Hernangomez will wake up at their parents’ house in Madrid, Spain, just hours after a planned dinner, and gather around the television in anticipation of the main event. Juancho vs. Willy I. “It’s a dream come true just playing in the NBA,” Juancho Hernangomez said. “It’s more worth it when you’re playing against your brother.”
“We have a really good relationship,” Juancho said. “We are more than brothers. We can talk about every situation, every problem. So, I think that’s our key; our relationship is really good. “If he has problems he knows we can talk to each other. And if I have an issue I can talk to him. The good thing is we are rookies in the same season. So all of the problems that he has, we have the same. So we going to help each other to learn about the NBA, learn about everything.” Said Willy: “It’s crazy. We’re both rookies in the NBA in the same year. For us, it’s a dream come true.”
Recently, London-based PR firm Pitch conducted a Q&A session with Hernangomez regarding his start to life in Denver. Q: It’s your first season in the NBA, how does it feel to be finally playing in the NBA? Hernangomez: “I feel really good, I feel really happy to be here, playing for an NBA team. I worked really hard last summer to be here and be at my best. We worked really hard as a team as well to make sure we could be competitive against any team. We are well aware of what our goals are and we want to have a good season. We may even lose four tight games but we never lose hope because we always play really hard in Denver and we manage to bring home some good victories.”
Q: How have your teammates helped you the first few weeks of getting here and getting settled? Hernangomez: “They helped me a lot. I’m really proud to have these teammates, these veterans like Mike Miller, Jameer Nelson… They help me a lot. I think we have a really good chemistry here. The Nuggets organisation is like a home. We’re all like brothers, like family and we have fun as well, which is certainly good for the team.”
The first hurdle cleared was getting new Nuggets draft pick Juancho Hernangomez on the summer league roster. Check. He’ll be there. The next question is will he be on the roster in the fall. That is more complicated. “It’s the (general manager’s) decision, the coach’s decision, my family and my decision,” Hernangomez said. “So it’s our decision together.” Said Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly: “We’re going to take our time, let him get a taste of the NBA, let our coaches get a taste for his game.”
Storyline: Juan Hernangomez to Nuggets
The Nuggets selected Juan Hernangomez with the No. 15 pick in the draft because he offers a nice package of size (6-foot-9, 230 pounds) and skill. Whether any of that gets put on the court next season remains to be seen. The sides will negotiate what’s best for the 20-year-old, either bringing him here to get his NBA career started or waiting a year to do it. “Both options are open,” Connelly said. “There are some pretty good international situations, if we want him to marinate a bit overseas. I think certainly he has the game to come over. If you’re productive at the ACB level, it usually translates. But it’s a conversation we’re going to have with his representatives and figure it out.”
Say you’re a high pick and the NBA team that selects you wants you to head to the States right away… What do you do? Juan Hernangomez: You wake up and practice every day in the pursuit of your dreams… and all kids dream about the NBA because we can see the best players in the world are there. You want to compete to be around the best. Of course I would like to go to the NBA next year. If I have the slightest chance of making it happen, I’m going to take that opportunity. Teams know I want to go. Some teams want me for right away, others would rather have me stay in Europe for a year. I’m not sure yet what’s going to happen.
The Suns have a six-man pre-draft workout group lined up for today, according to the team (Twitter link). The prospects participating in that session are Josh Adams (Wyoming), Gerry Blakes (Arizona State), Petr Cornelie (France), Juan Hernangomez (Spain), Mamadou Ndiaye (UC Irvine), and Georgios Papagiannis (Greece).